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Posted on Mar 1, 2012

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I started in tech in 1990, doing computer telephony apps.

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In my first business plan I wrote, "The center of commerce and communications will not be the PC -- it'll be the telephone. Telephones will advance to become computers. So everyone will have a computer in their pocket. Think about it. The telephone. Simple to use and everyone has one".

I'm not trying to pat myself on the back. But with the boom of smart phones (btw, does anyone know what a dumb phone is?) and the coming LTE network, the sky is the limit for what's possible (pun intended).

Wireless phones are outpacing wire line phones. Not only that, people are disconnecting their land lines. Most folks under 30 don't have a land line. Text messaging is becoming more popular than email. People freak out when they don't have their phones! Go to Manhattan or a busy city. People are staring into their phones. If they're not already, people are becoming addicted to their phones. Look at all the people who stand in line when Apple launches a new phone.

So this all adds up to a mobile boom. Add in the new LTE network and all things are possible. If I was a young guy in tech all over again, I'd be super psyched. Money is cheap, startup costs are lower than ever. You don't need an office now, you need an Internet connection. So many things are possible. This next phase in technology will make the Internet seem passé.

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