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Rest In Dead, Bill Walton

I love hoops, loved watching Bill play. I think it was Bill who in the late 70's prompted me to look closely at the Grateful Dead. I figured if he loved them there must be something there. I saw Bill at Dead and Dead & CO shows. I

27 May 24 1 min read
Dead & CO

Friends in the Haight

So grateful to have met and become friends with Linda Kelly, Jimmy Siegel, and John Romualdi. I met them at Dead & CO Shoreline June 13, 022. Linda and Jimmy live in Haight Ashbury. John lives on his boat, in his apartment, and van. Linda Kelly runs Haight Street Voice

19 Apr 24 4 min read
Grateful Dead

Morning Dew

I'm a Deadhead. The real kind. Never thought I'd have to say that, because before these NFT clowns [] came along, most knew there was only kind of Deadhead - Grateful Dead fans. But here we are. Seems some think it's

08 Jul 21 1 min read

Standing On The Moon

Been listening to Spring 1990. I think the Grateful Dead were at the peak of their powers. Not to stay the other years weren't great too. But Spring 1990 just does it for me in so many ways Give this one a listen - Standing On The Moon

01 Jul 21 1 min read
Grateful Dead

When I Paint My Masterpiece

the $$ amount of influence tied to Twitter personas who won’t say their names is mind blowing. These faceless and nameless souls squawk to their followers about what to buy, but then won’t put their names on the line? And people listen to them??

27 Jun 21 1 min read
Grateful Dead

The Music Never Stopped

When I saw this today I couldn’t read the whole story, because it’s the WSJ. So I signed up for the WSJ, copied the article and posted it. Because Deadheads need to see this. Because that’s what Deadheads do.

05 May 21 6 min read