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Refik Anadol perfectly matches blockchain with art

Howdy, A while back Refik Anadol collectors were given the choice to burn MoMA NFTs for a MoMA 3D Data Universe Sculpture. I jumped on the offer as I love irl art. The sculpture showed up on our door yesterday, my birthday. What a nice birthday present! The sculpture arrived

26 Jun 24 2 min read

What Matters - Northern Lights in Eagle, CO

Last night I saw the Northern Lights for the first time ever. I started taking pictures at about 10:00. Then as the skies cleared I went to the back of our subdivision, stayed there for over an hour. It was breath taking. When I was out there I called

11 May 24 3 min read

Watch Living In Delusionville

Ron English is an artist whose images tell a story of what goes on in our world. They might make you uncomfortable, which is part of art's purpose – "You hate my art? Then I made an impression". Ron puts his art out there with no concern

08 May 24 2 min read

NFTs influence on art

gm, I don't have numbers to support the influence that NFTs have had on art. But I know it's real. Because it happened to us. All because of NFTs, we bought art. Which means we're making micro investments in small businesses everywhere. It'

18 Apr 24 3 min read

Watch Bitconned

I watched Bitconned. The story the movie tells is still going strong - in crypto and to some degree the art world. Crypto goes down on Twitter and Discord (chat rooms). My guess is that 99% of the NFT projects right now on Twitter and Discord are nothing more than

14 Jan 24 6 min read

How bell bottoms became a thing

So I'm talking to my friend Linda Kelly the other day. Linda publishes Haight Street Voice. Haight Street Voice = “hyper-local with a global perspective.” From Linda's About page: "Haight Street Voice is a 12-page full-color glossy print magazine released 4x/year (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

26 Dec 23 2 min read

Notes from my mind

Living in the past is living in hell. I have so much I need to let go of. Stuff that didn't happen, happened, and what I imagine happened or didn't happen. It's killing me. And I want to live for many more years. When

25 Oct 23 3 min read

Lil' Lucy sculpture

My Lil' Lucy sculpture arrived yesterday. She's even better than I thought she'd be. She came meticulously packaged by my friends over at 1XRun. If you don't know about them, you should. They're a first class operation run by OG'

13 Aug 22 1 min read

Notes on the TokenFrame

More notes on the TokenFrame -- The TokenFrame came securely packaged. I didn't make any notes. But I do recall thinking they could have put a little more padding in. But overall, the packaging was good. Their setup interface is a little clunky if you have your NFTs

09 Aug 22 2 min read

art has a message - the rest of the story

Howdy, Last week I wrote about finding the Lil' Lucy sculpture on my friends site I was so captivated by this piece and the story, I couldn't put it down. It turns the artist, B. Robert Moore, worked on the piece for over a year.

07 Aug 22 1 min read

art has a message, gracias 1XRun

Howdy, Wen I look around at our art it all has a meaning. I'm connected to the story behind the image and the artist. For me, buying something just because it looks good is like digging the music I'm listening to all because of the beat,

04 Aug 22 1 min read

art for ETH's sake

This week Time launched their "Building a better future []" NFT. The project was heavily promoted by social media influencer farokh []. Time Magazine is now owned by Marc Benoiff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce. Anyone who's been in tech

25 Sep 21 2 min read