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The Most Important Tech Case of Our Time

This should be the #1 concern for anyone in tech and Web3 (which doesn't exist). But it's not even a story on crypto tweeter. Not one crypto news source is covering it. The Supreme Court takes on Section 230The Supreme Court will decide the fate of

08 Oct 22 3 min read

"The Right to Privacy", Warren and Brandeis

I posted this on on March 14, 2012 #### Published in the Harvard Law Review, December 15th, 1890. This is on, but it deserves its own shout out. If you read this and still think there's no right to privacy, eh, you're mistaken.

11 Sep 22 1 min read

Privacy will be a central issue

This was the first post I wrote on heyheyrenee about privacy, on March 12, 2012. I'd write a lot about privacy. This post is about zeldaB, a site we created circa 2007. zeldaB was the world's first private social network. The site never went anywhere, because

12 Mar 12 2 min read