I fell in love with tech the moment I read about it in the library on microfiche circa '87. I waited tables at night, learned in the day. Started my first tech company in '89. What a trip it's been, still is. So grateful,


Refik Anadol perfectly matches blockchain with art

Howdy, A while back Refik Anadol collectors were given the choice to burn MoMA NFTs for a MoMA 3D Data Universe Sculpture. I jumped on the offer as I love irl art. The sculpture showed up on our door yesterday, my birthday. What a nice birthday present! The sculpture arrived

26 Jun 24 2 min read

Minting NFTs is better, but still has a long ways to go

gm, I just minted this Prohibition Art NFT on the base network. Prohibition: Open Generative Art NFT Platform | Prohibition.artProhibition is an open, onchain generative art NFT platform built on Art Blocks Engine and deployed on Arbitrum, an Ethereum Layer 2. Explore and create generative art NFTs with us.Prohibition:

24 May 24 3 min read

Breaking News:Crypto Blames Palestinians For Flour Massacre

3 March 2024: Crypto industry spokesperson Bennie Brainwashed said this, when asked about the Flour Massacre, "This was an efficiency problem. Had the Palestinians used the blockchain and crypto to get their food, everything would have been cool. Because the blockchain and crypto are all about efficiency, peace, and

04 Mar 24 2 min read

decentralization or more of the same?

gm, I think there's way too much talk on Farcaster about making it the winner. Or it being the winner. It's counter to decentralization. The digerati has to come face to face with the fact that tech has been largely responsible for the dystopia we'

19 Feb 24 1 min read

First Farcaster random notes

gm, One thing I dig about Farcaster is how easy it is to mint NFTs. This is because of their implementation of frames. Frames aren't new, the first web pages relied on frames. But what Farcaster is doing with frames, is new – in so far as crypto goes.

17 Feb 24 2 min read

THE NEW AMERICANS: Gaming A Revolution

I first met Ondi Timoner at the Denver Premier of We Live In Public circa 2009. Which IMO is by far and away, the best flick about the early Internet days. Ondi's new film that premiered on Netflix on 1.1.24 is "The New Americans: Gaming

14 Feb 24 1 min read

Watch Bitconned

I watched Bitconned. The story the movie tells is still going strong - in crypto and to some degree the art world. Crypto goes down on Twitter and Discord (chat rooms). My guess is that 99% of the NFT projects right now on Twitter and Discord are nothing more than

14 Jan 24 6 min read
Think Different

Happy New Year - now join the Fediverse

Great piece in Rolling Stone, please read it a couple times and follow the links: The Internet Is About to Get Weird AgainThe internet seems ripe for change, and millions of people seem poised to connect in new ways, as they reconsider their relationship to technology.Rolling StoneAnil Dash And

31 Dec 23 2 min read

Late night thoughts on crypto frames

My TokenFrame (crypto frame) is great. Because my crypto art (NFTs) is on my wall, where I want it. Having crypto art on my phone or computer is okay, I guess. But it's not useful. For me, I want to enjoy my art when I'm kicking

24 Dec 23 1 min read

Late night thoughts on $SOL

$SOL (Solana token) is all the buzz on crypto twitter right now. It's up 110% in the past 2 months. Right now Ethereum's (ETH) two big problems are throughput and high transaction fees. Solana's big pitch is cheap transaction fees. But Ethereum has a

23 Dec 23 1 min read

Heni update - they didn't delete my post

gm, I got this from brother Julio, a mod in the Heni discord: "Heyo @spinbackwards I hope you are well. "We would like to confirm that your comments on our YouTube channel have not been removed by our team. "You'll notice that YouTube includes an

22 Dec 23 1 min read

Bitcoin went onsale today

Bitcoin briefly dropped to 25.3k today, its lowest point since June '023. Here's to hoping we see another dip. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-price-falls-below-26k-in-two-month-lows-for-btc

17 Aug 23 1 min read
Whole Food Plant Based


WAGMI! This wallet tactic could scale global on-chain brand ecosystemsFacing booming customer acquisition and marketing costs, brands will turn to blockchain for better data and growth opportunities.BlockworksBart Hillerich

17 Aug 23 1 min read

Ledger PayPal integration

Today Ledger announced PayPal integration. So of course I had to try it. I opened Ledger Live, bought some Bitcoin using my PayPal account. It was easy.  It's a big step forward in crypto. Because there's millions of PayPal users. I can now see the day

16 Aug 23 1 min read

A community is forming

gm, For me, yesterday was a seminal day in the Dots discord. We had a fantastic chat about art that I felt part of. Instead of feeling like an outsider. Then discord member JustARock accepted my offer to help with his marathon training irl. Got a good buzz. Then it

04 Aug 23 3 min read

Notes from the HIPEVAN

Went to see Oppenheimer yesterday with our son Justin at the IMAX. BTW. Did Jobs get "i" from IMAX? The movie is a must see. Anyway, on the way back Justin blew my mind. He turned me on. In his words and his way he showed me that

27 Jul 23 3 min read

Notes from the hippie van - Howey Test, Ordinals

gm, Howey Test I started thinking about the Howey Test in the fall of 022. https://twitter.com/spinbackwards/status/1581200918824960001?s=20 As I wrote then, I think NFTs look like an investment contract. I still don't know what this means for NFTs. My gut feeling, albeit

17 Jun 23 2 min read

art for religious conversion

gm, The thumb image I used for this post is Ron English's Beau Lief character, from his book Delusionville. Today on Twitter I see this tweet to join a space about "art for hunger": https://twitter.com/jeremycowart/status/1669004760718950403?s=20 A bunch of tweeters

14 Jun 23 2 min read

Pivot to crypto art

I'm reading everything from LACMA - Los Angeles County Museum of Art - https://twitter.com/LACMA What caught my attention was the 0xdeafbeef project. https://unframed.lacma.org/2023/05/04/remembrance-things-future-conversation-0xdeafbeef-artist-experimenting-blockchain Then this one last week with Emily Xie - https://unframed.lacma.org/2023/06/

09 Jun 23 1 min read

Today's NFT market isn't about art

I decided to figure out what the NFT market is about. So I looked at the top 20 sites in volume as of May 11 on on rarity.tools. Then I went to their home pages. Most of the sites are poorly designed. What I mean by that is there&

15 May 23 6 min read

The Traveling Carnival That's Crypto

gm, Last week I saw a tweet by a Web2 founder who'd exited handsomely. I'll paraphrase what he wrote. He networks with other founders. The network he travels in finds Web3 attractive - as they should. But then he described why, the reasons him and other

30 Apr 23 1 min read

Fuck You Too, Art and Serendipity

Last week I wrote a blog post - Fuck You Too Damien. It didn't go over very well with Heni, seems they've blocked me. Maybe not with Hirst or the Dots either? C'est la Vie But it all got me wondering. Who was first

06 Apr 23 1 min read

Letter to the Dots

gm Dots! Was my Fuck You Too Damien post over the top? Of course it was, what else would you expect from this cowboy hippie? Hey man, what I wrote is just an over-the-top, saltier version of what plenty more than me have been saying in the discord since at

02 Apr 23 3 min read

Benefits of using NFTs in a presale

Howdy, Last December I got an email from Ledger about Stax. The image in the email was the hook - a hardware wallet with a visual interface. I immediately clicked to have a look. Came to find out Stax was designed by co-creator of the iPhone, Tony Fadell. Mr. Fadell

01 Apr 23 2 min read

Fuck You Too Damien

Dear Heni, Would you kindly see that Mr. Hirst sees this post? While you're at it, please tell him I said fuck you too. Sincerely, spin loyal customer and collector Hey Damien, Fuck you too. Fuck you too for 5 straight releases at the same price as someone

31 Mar 23 1 min read

Some perspective on SVB and noise

There's a lot of noise on crypto Twitter right now - FUD about interest rates and market conditions. Bitcoin maxis and neocons are want to pin it all on the Biden administration. Thought I'd offer a little perspective. The interest rate on my first business loan

10 Mar 23 2 min read

Real Vision Collective NFT comments

I'm an avid collector of Damien Hirst's Currency project, which I fondly refer to as "the Dots". The Dots, along with Ron English's Light Cult Crypto Club project are my two favorites. Both communities are tightly bound with members who're

26 Feb 23 5 min read

I'm buying more $BTC

FWIW. And. I'm crazy. I live in Delusionville. I started buying Bitcoin at 5k. I bought all the way up to 11k. I sold at the ATH, then on down to mid 20's. I'm buying again. I'm giong to DCA for the

24 Feb 23 1 min read

Has there been demographic growth in NFTs?

The Bored Apes minted on April 21, 2021. For all practical purposes apes mark the beginning of the NFT market. Back then the market was dominated by younger male, wallstreetbets meets card traders, meets day trader types. Gambling personas flipping kindergarten art, animal and hero characters. Degens, gawd bless '

18 Feb 23 2 min read

Hey Shepard Fairey - what am I missing here?

Today I was cruising the Obey Discord and saw that Shepard Fairey posted sales data from his Pussy Riot print that I'm highly critical of. In the post Shepard writes that the print "raised more than $10,000 for Ukraine". He doesn't say the

05 Feb 23 2 min read

Looking back at the $GME GameStop story

Howdy, I watched "Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga" on Netflix last night. I thought it was entertaining and accurate. I started paying attention to the $GME story about a year after I got into crypto. I wrote a blog post about it on heyheyrenee - Pay attention

29 Jan 23 3 min read

Ron English's Rabbbits playlist

I think, The Rabbbits are a rock opera. I know for sure they're part of Ron English's Delusionville. I dig the music - great lyrics and beat. Here's a playlist, lmk what you think. tty next time,

14 Dec 22 1 min read

Twitter is cryptos death knell

Howdy, Before I go on, I'm in no way pronouncing doom for crypto. But there's so many problems. People have got to see them and make changes. First, read this: https://aidenlab.org/bitcoin.pdf From the report: "Although bitcoin was designed to rely on

11 Dec 22 3 min read

NFT Technology Solves Two Big Problems for Businesses

Two burning problems that businesses nowadays have are: a) their customers aren't loyal, b) their customers don't pay attention to them. The common copout and easy way out is that businesses blame their customers - everyone is distracted now, the world has changed, young people are

06 Nov 22 1 min read

Going forward NFTs are utilities - not collectibles

The new Ledger Market is two steps forward. [ Ledger ] Market[ L ] Market is the most secure platform for artists and brands to release their NFTs. For first access to exclusive collaborations, and Ledger harware, software and services, become a [ Ledger ] Market Pass holder. A while back I bought a Ledger

31 Oct 22 2 min read

The Most Important Tech Case of Our Time

This should be the #1 concern for anyone in tech and Web3 (which doesn't exist). But it's not even a story on crypto tweeter. Not one crypto news source is covering it. The Supreme Court takes on Section 230The Supreme Court will decide the fate of

08 Oct 22 3 min read

Ron English is Living in Delusionville

Today djskeez shined light on Light Cult Crypto Club (LCCC) members, Ron English's NFT project. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of LCCC Ron made 25 of this beautiful piece, for 25 lucky LCCC members. In the background are the Kevin Durant, KD 14 shoes Ron designed : Here&

07 Oct 22 6 min read

HDL is creating an NFT that pays dividends

I first heard about HDL corp. - hygienic dress league - from my friend djskeez. Skeez knows the score so I was all ears. I then joined HDL's twitter space to learn more. After listening to Steve and Dorota Coy, HDL's founders, I was in. What

07 Sep 22 5 min read

djskeez lights up lives

I met djskeez "Skeez" from Light Cult Crypto Club, where she's the community manager. Since then we've become besties. I was going to write an encompassing post about her. But then I thought, why? Our relationship still has a long ways to go. tldr;

28 Aug 22 1 min read
Field Notes

Lil' Lucy sculpture

My Lil' Lucy sculpture arrived yesterday. She's even better than I thought she'd be. She came meticulously packaged by my friends over at 1XRun. If you don't know about them, you should. They're a first class operation run by OG'

13 Aug 22 1 min read

Notes on the TokenFrame

More notes on the TokenFrame -- The TokenFrame came securely packaged. I didn't make any notes. But I do recall thinking they could have put a little more padding in. But overall, the packaging was good. Their setup interface is a little clunky if you have your NFTs

09 Aug 22 2 min read

NFT frames are the killer app for NFTs

Today we the put the finishing touches on the spinroom, installed the TokenFrame. OMG. TokenFrame changes everything. It brings my NFTs to where me and others can experience them. TokenFrame makes me think of NFTs in a whole other way - that I can't not have them. Right

09 Aug 22 2 min read

Content Marketing on Twitter is a Mistake

From my keyboard it appears that 99.9% of NFT projects rely on Twitter for their marketing, or to get their message out. I think this is a big mistake. A much better approach is build all marketing and messaging on their website. If you have something to promote or

08 Aug 22 3 min read
Field Notes

Capitalism, notes on business

This is capitalism https://bit.ly/3PTEQRH A few notes from my 33 years in business. Many more to follow. * Work with people smarter than me I've always had the ability to spot brilliant minds. Wen I did, I did all I could to learn from them and/

01 Aug 22 2 min read

notes from the otherside mint

I'm not thinking about what went wrong last night, all that was lost. It's the tech business. Things go wrong. Yuga has said they'll refund gas and I believe them. Instead, I'm making a gratitude list. I'm thinking about how

01 May 22 4 min read

Refik Anadol Studios (RAS) 4.23.22 AMA summary

AMA Apr. 23 Summary of the topics Refik [https://twitter.com/refikanadol] talked about during the AMA Museum collaborations Major museums [https://twitter.com/IIIXIIIIIX/status/1517135489496535041?s=20&t=BpfR6xf76Ie3ppWbW3UPFA] are celebrating the work Refik created and collectors collected. They’ll all be part of the journey. More

23 Apr 22 2 min read

throw out the old rules?

"Half of my advertising isn't working. Problem is, I don't know which half". P.T. Barnum NFT projects rely on Twitter and Discord for engagement. Which means they know nothing about their customers. "spin you're old school. It's different

22 Apr 22 2 min read

notes from a micro-investor

Howdy everyone. Love! A friend and I who's been in the space much longer than yours truly (2.22.20) were talking about the state of NFTs today. There's no doubt about it the NFT space is, on balance, about making ETH. The marketing engine is

10 Apr 22 1 min read

Word of Women Does Well By Doing Good

The World Of Women (WoW) NFT [https://worldofwomen.art] project has every right to do what they're doing. It's obviously the founders to dream to be successful, they certainly are. But I believe their success is at the expense of Mother Earth. I believe the Net

26 Mar 22 4 min read

World of Women is World of Neoliberalism

Warning: This post is highly critical of a really popular NFT project - World of Women [https://worldofwomen.art] (Wow). If you're a WoW collector, investor, team member or supporter - yngli (you're not gonna like it). Up until last week I had 3 WoW'

27 Jan 22 2 min read

Are NFTs an asset? I don't believe so.

gm! In a Discord I'm in someone adamantly referred to NFTs as an "asset". I think doing so is a mistake. Super [https://twitter.com/IamSuperMassive] said the same in one of his videos. Because if NFTs are thought of as assets it then frames the

19 Jan 22 1 min read

The NFT market is way out of balance, unhealthy

Yesterday's story about Twitter influencer beanie hasn't been confirmed. But if it's true and my bet would be it is, everyone should be alarmed. > 1/ In this thread we will disclose the identity of one of the (currently) most (in)famous NFT influencers.

18 Jan 22 3 min read

The high costs of free

This week's Medium post from young brother Insight [https://twitter.com/NFT1nsight] points out some glaring contradictions of the crypto world. Namely, IMO, that on balance the community doesn't practice what it preaches re: decentralization. NFTs: on identity and platformsNFTs are taking the digital world by

16 Jan 22 4 min read

Notes from the field - stay hungry and foolish

OpenSea isn't swimming in blue water Most in the early days of Web1 couldn't see past Microsoft. They were sure Microsoft was going to rule the tech world, we'd be forever doomed to using computers that blue screened without reason. The United States government

08 Jan 22 4 min read

Notes on the 2022 NFT market for not ape projects

gm! Right now the NFT market is dominated and controlled by apes, and the ape related market. They are not, art people. They're males who identify as degen, who got their start in lock down. Some (most?) have created generational wealth. In 2022 ape -- anything -- will

05 Jan 22 2 min read

Why I'm buying NFTs

When I started in dotcom circa '89 I saw today. Well, not everything. What I saw was that anyone could be an information provider - a service bureau, what I started, or someone could have a phone number people called to find out what's on the menu

04 Jan 22 1 min read

Change happens at the level of system

What first drew me to crypto was what Satoshi wrote in the now seminal Bitcoin White Paper - Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. I saw that crypto could change the system. I saw the possibility to create real change for those with the least. Because if we’re going

01 Jan 22 1 min read

Notes on the next NFT wave

While cruising crypto tweeter this morning I came across this tweet from Mando [https://twitter.com/mando_great?s=20] > Just like many OG Punk owners were too salty to buy into BAYC. Many OG BAYC owners will miss the next 50ETH+ project. Keep your ear to the ground

19 Nov 21 2 min read

Will the metaverse be metaworse?

When MySpace hit circa 2005 we were sure people would figure out they were the product being sold and they'd do this: So we wrote the world's 1st private network in 2007. They said we were crazy. Nobody cared. A few years later I wrote that

18 Nov 21 2 min read

t-shirts and NFTs

I'm a t-shirt guy. Today while wearing one of my wonderful t-shirts, it occurred to me they’re a metaphor for my NFT journey. I’m literally in search of a drawer of t-shirts that for me, are jewels - t-shirt nirvana. It starts with my t-shirt drawer,

17 Oct 21 4 min read

Campfires and NFTs

I've been a tech entrepreneur for 32 years now. I've been in the same business for 32 years. I started my 2nd company in 2002. Knock on wood (my head), we're at the doorstep of another great app. Campfires are a great metaphor for

05 Oct 21 4 min read

The Important Role of a Crypto Gadfly

Gerald ("Gerry") Armstrong is a legendary gadfly. Some say he wrote the book - although Gerry would scoff at the thought. He was also a mentor. Gerry was the former CEO of the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company in Denver. The New York Times first wrote about him [https:

02 Oct 21 7 min read

art for ETH's sake

This week Time launched their "Building a better future [https://nft.time.com]" NFT. The project was heavily promoted by social media influencer farokh [https://twitter.com/farokh]. Time Magazine is now owned by Marc Benoiff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce. Anyone who's been in tech

25 Sep 21 2 min read

NFTs Change Everything? Yes

It wasn't that long ago I thought I'd never see anything like circa '89 or early dotcom in tech. But here we are. I believe they'll talk about this period in tech for years to come. Why? Let's start here: https:

23 Aug 21 2 min read

Suzy Greenberg

This is for digitalartchick [https://twitter.com/digitalartchick]. Self-described NFT influencer. Suzy Greenberg - Phish https://bit.ly/2U0WStI Suzy's 'bout as faithful as a slot machine Pays off once in a while, then she robs you clean She's always afraid that she's

08 Aug 21 1 min read

Prince Caspian

This song reminds me of what's happening in two communities I adore - Blazed Cats [https://twitter.com/BlazedCats] and BAYC [https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC]. I'm so grateful to be part of the whole. Feel like I'm "afloat upon the waves" Prince

03 Aug 21 1 min read

Blazed Cats > Blaze On

I love Blazed Cats [https://twitter.com/BlazedCats]. So I bought some. Super cool and creative NFT project. Read about them [https://blazedcats.com]. Fuck Stoner Cats [https://bit.ly/3ffWT4q]. So here's Blaze On from Phish. https://bit.ly/3ffWT4q Because now each time I hear Blaze

31 Jul 21 1 min read

Currency is an important moment in NFT

The Hirst Currency [https://twitter.com/hirst_official] drop is an important moment for NFT. I'm grateful to have one. Read all about the drop here: https://bit.ly/2W8kZY7 Hirst brings us face to face with art and money. In Hirst's view, art is the

25 Jul 21 3 min read


Attention Citizens: To prepare for the TARS launch listen to 2001 from Phish https://bit.ly/36WzZuf

25 Jul 21 1 min read

Martian Monster

Attention Citizens: In honor of the historic TARS launch, here's Phish's Martian Monster. Your trip is short. https://bit.ly/3BwPCXD

24 Jul 21 1 min read

Community and Value

On NFT Twitter the chatter is always how valuable community is to an avatar project, disproportionatly so. At face value this isn't true. Value comes from the founders. The founders created something so great, it caused the customers to change their pfp. Then, the founders added more value.

22 Jul 21 1 min read

Fuck The Metaverse

I know there's some out there who love the Metaverse and the planet too. But Mother Earth needs you more. So please, keep reading. Fuck the Metaverse isn't exactly what I mean. What I'm sayin is, the Metaverse can wait.  All hands on deck

13 Jul 21 5 min read

Top Shot Was Over Months Ago

NBA Top Shot ("Top Shot") was my NFT appetiser. I got in about 20 months ago, when I heard Mark Cuban talk about it. Top Shot is about Moments and Packs of Moments. A Moment is a digital highlight - a player making a shot, a steal, maybe

11 Jul 21 3 min read

Music to mint by

Chalk Dust Torture Phish Dick's 9-4-2016 Turn it phucking up https://bit.ly/3hyoZt6 But who can unlearn all the facts that I've learned As I sat in their chairs and my synapses burned And the torture of chalk dust collects on my tongue Thoughts follow

10 Jul 21 1 min read

When I Paint My Masterpiece

the $$ amount of influence tied to Twitter personas who won’t say their names is mind blowing. These faceless and nameless souls squawk to their followers about what to buy, but then won’t put their names on the line? And people listen to them??

27 Jun 21 1 min read

NFTs and Persian rugs

I hope they're still making rugs in Iran. I've made some mistakes with NFTs. I expected to. I'll be writing more about my NFT experience so far.

14 Jun 21 1 min read

Why I bought apes

I'm an OG from a different time (started in tech around ’87) and space. I don't care about the vanity side of this. But I dig the fun. I got in all because in about an hour on Sunday (or was it Saturday?) morning I said

25 May 21 1 min read

Today’s crypto is ’97 dotcom

Circa ’97 taxi drivers were handing out stock tips. VC’s were throwing money at worthless companies with apps nobody really needed. These apps didn’t solve a burning problem, they weren’t even a pretty good. Most didn’t have working code.

25 May 21 2 min read

Letter to cypherpunks

I wrote a version of this what seems like eons ago, because that’s how fast things move in crypto. I’ve met some good people in this space. But I’ve seen a side of this that’s unsavory - influencers who’re really just paid carnival barkers. Downright deceitful stuff. More on this coming.

25 May 21 3 min read

Check Your Financial Privilege

Check Your Financial PrivilegeWhile those comfortable in the dollar bubble deride Bitcoin, the stories of three emerging market users demonstrate why it is so important.Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and GuidesAlex Gladstein [https://bitcoinmagazine.com/culture/check-your-financial-privilege]

25 May 21 1 min read

millions are being swept up by the rip current called social media

My friend Jonesy [https://www.heyheyrenee.com/2016/12/31/3-new-signs-wjonesy/] sent me this link from The Guardian today: IF YOU’RE NOT TERRIFIED ABOUT FACEBOOK, YOU HAVEN’T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION If you’re not terrified about Facebook, you haven’t been paying attention | Carole CadwalladrFacebook and America are

06 May 21 2 min read