I fell in love with tech the moment I read about it in the library on microfiche circa '87. I waited tables at night, learned in the day. Started my first tech company in '89. What a trip it's been, still is. So grateful,


Campfires and NFTs

I've been a tech entrepreneur for 32 years now. I've been in the same business for 32 years. I started my 2nd company in 2002. Knock on wood (my head), we're at the doorstep of another great app. Campfires are a great metaphor for tech marketing and product development. I

05 Oct 21 4 min read

The Important Role of a Crypto Gadfly

Gerald ("Gerry") Armstrong is a legendary gadfly. Some say he wrote the book - although Gerry would scoff at the thought. He was also a mentor. Gerry was the former CEO of the Rocky Mountain Fuel Company in Denver. The New York Times first wrote about him in 1978. I

02 Oct 21 7 min read

art for ETH's sake

This week Time launched their "Building a better future" NFT. The project was heavily promoted by social media influencer farokh. Time Magazine is now owned by Marc Benoiff, Chairman and CEO of Salesforce. Anyone who's been in tech for as long as I have knows that Marc Benoiff was for

25 Sep 21 3 min read

NFTs Change Everything? Yes

It wasn't that long ago I thought I'd never see anything like circa '89 or early dotcom in tech. But here we are. I believe they'll talk about this period in tech for years to come. Why? Let's start here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ninabambysheva/2021/08/23/visa-enters-metaverse-with-first-nft-purchase/

23 Aug 21 2 min read

Nobody knows you, when you're down and out

My tech career started circa '88. It's fun being part of something that changes things. It's happened to me a few times. I'm so happy for everyone in crypto, I truly am. I read that someone can buy a home now because of an NFT sale. That's wonderful. I want

14 Aug 21 2 min read

Suzy Greenberg

This is for digitalartchick. Self-described NFT influencer. Suzy Greenberg - Phish https://bit.ly/2U0WStI Suzy's 'bout as faithful as a slot machine Pays off once in a while, then she robs you clean She's always afraid that she's not sure what she's worth She's out of her mind and

08 Aug 21 1 min read

Prince Caspian

This song reminds me of what's happening in two communities I adore - Blazed Cats and BAYC. I'm so grateful to be part of the whole. Feel like I'm "afloat upon the waves" Prince Caspian - 9/6/2015 @ Dick's - Phish https://bit.ly/3lu5LqY

03 Aug 21 1 min read

Blazed Cats > Blaze On

I love Blazed Cats. So I bought some. Super cool and creative NFT project. Read about them. Fuck Stoner Cats. So here's Blaze On from Phish. https://bit.ly/3ffWT4q Because now each time I hear Blaze On, I'm gonna think of Blazed Cats. Fuck Stoner Cats.

31 Jul 21 1 min read

Currency is an important moment in NFT

The Hirst Currency drop is an important moment for NFT. I'm grateful to have one. Read all about the drop here: https://bit.ly/2W8kZY7 Hirst brings us face to face with art and money. In Hirst's view, art is the most valuable currency in the world. What if he's

25 Jul 21 3 min read


Attention Citizens: To prepare for the TARS launch listen to 2001 from Phish https://bit.ly/36WzZuf

25 Jul 21 1 min read

Martian Monster

Attention Citizens: In honor of the historic TARS launch, here's Phish's Martian Monster. Your trip is short. https://bit.ly/3BwPCXD

24 Jul 21 1 min read

Community and Value

On NFT Twitter the chatter is always how valuable community is to an avatar project, disproportionatly so. At face value this isn't true. Value comes from the founders. The founders created something so great, it caused the customers to change their pfp. Then, the founders added more value. The work

22 Jul 21 1 min read

Fuck The Metaverse

I know there's some out there who love the Metaverse and the planet too. But Mother Earth needs you more. So please, keep reading. Fuck the Metaverse isn't exactly what I mean. What I'm sayin is, the Metaverse can wait.  All hands on deck for the world we're in. I

13 Jul 21 5 min read

Top Shot Was Over Months Ago

NBA Top Shot ("Top Shot") was my NFT appetiser. I got in about 20 months ago, when I heard Mark Cuban talk about it. Top Shot is about Moments and Packs of Moments. A Moment is a digital highlight - a player making a shot, a steal, maybe a dunk.

11 Jul 21 3 min read

Music to mint by

Chalk Dust Torture Phish Dick's 9-4-2016 Turn it phucking up https://bit.ly/3hyoZt6 But who can unlearn all the facts that I've learned As I sat in their chairs and my synapses burned And the torture of chalk dust collects on my tongue Thoughts follow my vision and dance

10 Jul 21 1 min read

When I Paint My Masterpiece

the $$ amount of influence tied to Twitter personas who won’t say their names is mind blowing. These faceless and nameless souls squawk to their followers about what to buy, but then won’t put their names on the line? And people listen to them??

27 Jun 21 1 min read

NFTs and Persian rugs

I hope they're still making rugs in Iran. I've made some mistakes with NFTs. I expected to. I'll be writing more about my NFT experience so far.

14 Jun 21 1 min read

Why I bought apes

I'm an OG from a different time (started in tech around ’87) and space. I don't care about the vanity side of this. But I dig the fun. I got in all because in about an hour on Sunday (or was it Saturday?) morning I said to myself "this is

25 May 21 1 min read

Today’s crypto is ’97 dotcom

Circa ’97 taxi drivers were handing out stock tips. VC’s were throwing money at worthless companies with apps nobody really needed. These apps didn’t solve a burning problem, they weren’t even a pretty good. Most didn’t have working code.

25 May 21 2 min read

Letter to cypherpunks

I wrote a version of this what seems like eons ago, because that’s how fast things move in crypto. I’ve met some good people in this space. But I’ve seen a side of this that’s unsavory - influencers who’re really just paid carnival barkers. Downright deceitful stuff. More on this coming.

25 May 21 3 min read

Check Your Financial Privilege

Check Your Financial PrivilegeWhile those comfortable in the dollar bubble deride Bitcoin, the stories of three emerging market users demonstrate why it is so important.Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and GuidesAlex Gladstein

25 May 21 1 min read