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Capitalism, notes on business

This is capitalism https://bit.ly/3PTEQRH A few notes from my 33 years in business. Many more to follow. * Work with people smarter than me I've always had the ability to spot brilliant minds. Wen I did, I did all I could to learn from them and/or get

01 Aug 22 2 min read

throw out the old rules?

"Half of my advertising isn't working. Problem is, I don't know which half". P.T. Barnum NFT projects rely on Twitter and Discord for engagement. Which means they know nothing about their customers. "spin you're old school. It's different now. In NFTs we don't need to know anything about our

22 Apr 22 2 min read

Notes from the field - stay hungry and foolish

OpenSea isn't swimming in blue water Most in the early days of Web1 couldn't see past Microsoft. They were sure Microsoft was going to rule the tech world, we'd be forever doomed to using computers that blue screened without reason. The United States government was so worried they filed an

08 Jan 22 4 min read

Community and Value

On NFT Twitter the chatter is always how valuable community is to an avatar project, disproportionatly so. At face value this isn't true. Value comes from the founders. The founders created something so great, it caused the customers to change their pfp. Then, the founders added more value. The work

22 Jul 21 1 min read

This is a great business - do what they do

A tie-dye I ordered from SheMakesShirts [https://www.etsy.com/shop/SheMakesShirts] came today. The shirt came in a tie-dye package. Inside was my shirt, a handwritten thank you note, stickers, candy, and care instructions. I love the shirt. My fist V-neck tie-dye. Great for when it’s really hot,

27 Jun 21 2 min read