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Blazed Cats - Blazed Me

So I wrote a couple posts praising Blazed Cats []. Then things changed. After posting some legitimate concerns of impropriety in their Discord, they booted me. They've since blocked me on Twitter. In the interests of equal time, I invite the project leaders to post their response

24 Sep 21 1 min read

NFTs Change Everything? Yes

It wasn't that long ago I thought I'd never see anything like circa '89 or early dotcom in tech. But here we are. I believe they'll talk about this period in tech for years to come. Why? Let's start here:

23 Aug 21 2 min read
Field Notes

Wear a mask, get the vaccine

Watch this 5 minute video from Catherine O'Neal, MD an Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine specializing in Infectious Diseases and Chief Medical Officer at Lady Of The Lake Medical Center in Baton Rouge, LA. Then tell me why you know more than she does, why you're not going to put

08 Aug 21 1 min read