Clean and Sober

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America First


gm, Here's how Renee and I start the day. Exercise - 40ish minutes to 1 hour, depending on how I feel. Here's today's: 45 minutes Band Stretch w/strap - 4 minutes Open Book - 2 X 1 minute each side Spine openers -

23 Apr 24 2 min read
Clean and Sober

17 years clean and sober

Beginning about 15, I used booze and drugs to create a happy childhood. I met Renee in a bar in '96. That night we got a bottle of tequila and a hotel room. Man, could she party. Drink you under the table. Renee was my best drinking buddy. Renee

16 Apr 24 2 min read
Field Notes

16 years of clean and sober today

gm dots, I started using booze and drugs wen I was 15 to escape my childhood. It was horrible in our house. It got so bad I ran away, hitched a ride from the CO mountains to Southern California. I lived in a flop house in Anaheim. I couldn'

16 Apr 23 2 min read