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Happy Earth Day

Howdy and gm, Happy Earth Day! I'm not going to ask that the government step in, make you feel guilty for not doing anything, or put us on up a pedestal for what we do. I'm not going to ask or demand that you do anything

22 Apr 24 2 min read

We told you shittification would happen

Last week I was introduced to a new word - "shittification". I wrote about this years ago, on heyheyrenee. Here's one piece: Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don’t Fire Us?paulie Put simply, shittification means everything is going to shit. It's mind blowing, that

04 Apr 24 25 min read

Stephen A. is on point

It's unconscionable to vote R. This is a disgrace. It is inhumane. On Texas’ new immigration bill. — Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) December 19, 2023

20 Dec 23 1 min read

The Most Important Tech Case of Our Time

This should be the #1 concern for anyone in tech and Web3 (which doesn't exist). But it's not even a story on crypto tweeter. Not one crypto news source is covering it. The Supreme Court takes on Section 230The Supreme Court will decide the fate of

08 Oct 22 3 min read

Don't Be Double Crossed

Tonight Lori Grace mentioned me in a tweet. Lori is a kind and loving person. "Double Crossed," from the Undaunted collection on @opensea. Collected in January for 1E by the wonderful human @spinbackwards . . This sale was the moment I finally had a mental breakthrough. So glad my work

04 Oct 22 3 min read

"The Right to Privacy", Warren and Brandeis

I posted this on on March 14, 2012 #### Published in the Harvard Law Review, December 15th, 1890. This is on, but it deserves its own shout out. If you read this and still think there's no right to privacy, eh, you're mistaken.

11 Sep 22 1 min read