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Field Notes

Being a great small business

Today I was in Glenwood Springs seeing my friends Tommy and Tina Divel at Grande Optics. Tommy and I were talking about what makes a great small business and why great small businesses are what the world needs. I was telling Tommy how I've never in all my

26 Oct 23 4 min read

Notes from the HIPEVAN

Went to see Oppenheimer yesterday with our son Justin at the IMAX. BTW. Did Jobs get "i" from IMAX? The movie is a must see. Anyway, on the way back Justin blew my mind. He turned me on. In his words and his way he showed me that

27 Jul 23 3 min read

sending vibes for the HIPEVAN (hippie van)

Our 2003 VW van Weekender, license plate HIPEVAN (hippie van) -- needs a new engine and transmission. Doesn't have to be new, rebuilt would be fine. I'm putting the vibe out there for help. Gotta find someone who can do this. Not just do it, do it great. The best. Because it's the HIPEVAN.

26 Jun 21 3 min read