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What Matters - Northern Lights in Eagle, CO

Last night I saw the Northern Lights for the first time ever. I started taking pictures at about 10:00. Then as the skies cleared I went to the back of our subdivision, stayed there for over an hour. It was breath taking. When I was out there I called

11 May 24 3 min read
America First

Happy Earth Day from Renee

Happy Earth Day! Cancer is not a given. It’s caused by food and air. If they took the money spent on curing cancer and invested it making the soil healthy it’d eliminate the pesticides that seep into the air, and produce food that’s good for us. Americans

22 Apr 24 1 min read
Dead & CO

Friends in the Haight

So grateful to have met and become friends with Linda Kelly, Jimmy Siegel, and John Romualdi. I met them at Dead & CO Shoreline June 13, 022. Linda and Jimmy live in Haight Ashbury. John lives on his boat, in his apartment, and van. Linda Kelly runs Haight Street Voice

19 Apr 24 4 min read