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Suzy Greenberg

This is for digitalartchick []. Self-described NFT influencer. Suzy Greenberg - Phish Suzy's 'bout as faithful as a slot machine Pays off once in a while, then she robs you clean She's always afraid that she's

08 Aug 21 1 min read

Prince Caspian

This song reminds me of what's happening in two communities I adore - Blazed Cats [] and BAYC []. I'm so grateful to be part of the whole. Feel like I'm "afloat upon the waves" Prince

03 Aug 21 1 min read

Hey Young People - Be Like This Young Woman

At the Phish Tour opener Wednesday night in Rogers AR Tommy [] and I sat next to this young woman. I'm always wanting to talk to younger people, see where they're at. So I said howdy. She lives in

31 Jul 21 1 min read


Phish's tour opener is Wednesday night. I'll be there with my buddy Tommy P., who turned me on years ago. Here's Harpua/After Midnight, from the epic encore at Dick's in 015 (Harpua is a bulldog) https://bit.

26 Jul 21 1 min read


Attention Citizens: To prepare for the TARS launch listen to 2001 from Phish

25 Jul 21 1 min read

Martian Monster

Attention Citizens: In honor of the historic TARS launch, here's Phish's Martian Monster. Your trip is short.

24 Jul 21 1 min read

Music to mint by

Chalk Dust Torture Phish Dick's 9-4-2016 Turn it phucking up But who can unlearn all the facts that I've learned As I sat in their chairs and my synapses burned And the torture of chalk dust collects on my tongue Thoughts follow

10 Jul 21 1 min read