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Watch Living In Delusionville

Ron English is an artist whose images tell a story of what goes on in our world. They might make you uncomfortable, which is part of art's purpose – "You hate my art? Then I made an impression". Ron puts his art out there with no concern

08 May 24 2 min read
Ron English

Trunk the Orange (and Purple) Elephant

“He’s got an ego bigger than god. When he tells a lie we all applaud. ...You make me wear your little handcuffs. When the gets rough and the going gets tough. You just peed your pants you little cream puff. Cuz I am the turd that’s too big

09 Aug 23 2 min read
Christian Nationalism

art for religious conversion

gm, The thumb image I used for this post is Ron English's Beau Lief character, from his book Delusionville. Today on Twitter I see this tweet to join a space about "art for hunger": A bunch of tweeters

14 Jun 23 2 min read
Ron English

Ron English is Living in Delusionville

Today djskeez shined light on Light Cult Crypto Club (LCCC) members, Ron English's NFT project. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of LCCC Ron made 25 of this beautiful piece, for 25 lucky LCCC members. In the background are the Kevin Durant, KD 14 shoes Ron designed : Here&

07 Oct 22 6 min read
Ron English


Delusionville is everywhere around us. Yesterday in Minturn it was on full display, at a celebration of life I went to. The person we celebrated was very active in A.A. - Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. overshadowed their life. I met them in A.A., they were always kind to

17 Aug 22 1 min read
Field Notes

notes from the field - "win"?

gm, In The Light Cult Crypto Club discord this morning brother Iguana wrote "I'm in it to win it". This got me thinking. Sort of reminded me of a lousy 80's term - "win-win". I get the sentiment, I'm all

10 Aug 22 1 min read