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Breaking News:Crypto Blames Palestinians For Flour Massacre

3 March 2024: Crypto industry spokesperson Bennie Brainwashed said this, when asked about the Flour Massacre, "This was an efficiency problem. Had the Palestinians used the blockchain and crypto to get their food, everything would have been cool. Because the blockchain and crypto are all about efficiency, peace, and

04 Mar 24 2 min read
Free Palestine

Gaza Conflict Q&A

I'm a proud member of Ceasefire Now Roaring Fork Valley. The group and I have put together this document to help people better understand the Gaza Conflict. Two state solution? There’s a mound of evidence to support that the Israeli government has never wanted a two state

27 Feb 24 15 min read

Happy 90th Birthday, Ralph Nader!

In honor of Ralph's 90th birthday today Renee and I voted "Noncommitted" in the Presidential Primary. We do this because as of now, President Biden doesn't deserve our vote. In part, because of him backing the murder of innocent men, women, and children in

27 Feb 24 2 min read