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Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don't Fire Us?

I wrote this in 2013 on heyheyrenee. I wouldn't change a word. Here's a great piece by Kevin Drum on Mother Jones on what the not too distant future will look like, technology wise. It's about what technology will do, the jobs that'll be eliminated. Not just a few jobs,

25 Apr 23 3 min read

Looking back at the $GME GameStop story

Howdy, I watched "Eat the Rich: The GameStop Saga" on Netflix last night. I thought it was entertaining and accurate. I started paying attention to the $GME story about a year after I got into crypto. I wrote a blog post about it on heyheyrenee - Pay attention to the

29 Jan 23 3 min read

Almost no one is talking about the problem

Here's a post I wrote in 2020. I'm posting again here, in it's entirety. #### The beginning of the end was early on in dotcom, when newspapers sucked up to the search and ad engines. Newspapers should have put up paywalls. But instead they listened to the mob, who told them,

16 Sep 22 2 min read

Microsoft getting their mojo back

I wrote this March 2012, back wen it wasn't popular to side with Microsoft. Today, Microsoft dominates the server space and gaming. Their cloud platform is outstanding. Blazor is the primo framework to use for building interactive client-side web UI apps. C# developers are everywhere. They're a blue chip stock.

11 Sep 22 1 min read

Nest thermostats

From March 2012 on heyheyrenee. We were on the waiting list for the 1st Nest thermostats. I knew they were going to make a dent, they did. #### The guys who designed the iPod designed a thermostat. That's right, a thermostat. We have 5, they're the best. The name of product

11 Sep 22 1 min read

"The Right to Privacy", Warren and Brandeis

I posted this on heyheyrenee.com on March 14, 2012 #### Published in the Harvard Law Review, December 15th, 1890. This is on zeldab.com, but it deserves its own shout out. If you read this and still think there's no right to privacy, eh, you're mistaken.

11 Sep 22 1 min read
Field Notes


This was the 2nd post on my first blog, heyheyrenee, from 8.30.2010. After I sold my first company in 2000 I needed something to do. So I built a treehouse. It was great, I spent a lot of time in it, like the week or so when I

08 Aug 22 2 min read

Invest in Education

I wrote this on March 14, 2012. #### Our culture, our children, are falling behind each day. In China, kids march and wear uniforms. Average students take high level math classes at an early age. Our kids need to understand they’ll not only be competing against others in the room

14 Mar 12 3 min read
Health care

beyond pesticides

This is one of my first posts I wrote in March 2014 concerning the environment. I've edited the post to note broken links. It's an important piece, why we stopped using pesticides years ago. One of the big reasons why our planet is crumbling is the widespread use of pesticides.

14 Mar 12 1 min read

Apple Media Center

This is the first post I wrote in March 2012 covering what I needed to do to get my music and media to go from my devices to my stereo or tv. Now you just click Airplay. So I've managed to put together a media center that's easy to manage.

12 Mar 12 1 min read

Privacy will be a central issue

This was the first post I wrote on heyheyrenee about privacy, on March 12, 2012. I'd write a lot about privacy. This post is about zeldaB, a site we created circa 2007. zeldaB was the world's first private social network. The site never went anywhere, because no one cared. We

12 Mar 12 2 min read

Another boom is on the way

This post was first posted on heyheyrenee on 3-1-2012 ##### dialogic - video, voice & data solutions I started in tech in 1990, doing computer telephony apps. See this link... In my first business plan I wrote, "The center of commerce and communications will not be the PC -- it'll be the

01 Mar 12 1 min read

Garrison Keillor Summer Love Tour

This was the first post on heyheyrenee, back on 8.30.2010. The 2nd link is broken, I left it that way intentionally. Garrison was fired from the show he brought to the radio for allegations of sexual misconduct. I think, firing him was bullshit. I had the pleasure and

30 Aug 10 2 min read