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America First


gm, Here's how Renee and I start the day. Exercise - 40ish minutes to 1 hour, depending on how I feel. Here's today's: 45 minutes Band Stretch w/strap - 4 minutes Open Book - 2 X 1 minute each side Spine openers -

23 Apr 24 2 min read
America First

Happy Earth Day from Renee

Happy Earth Day! Cancer is not a given. It’s caused by food and air. If they took the money spent on curing cancer and invested it making the soil healthy it’d eliminate the pesticides that seep into the air, and produce food that’s good for us. Americans

22 Apr 24 1 min read

Happy Earth Day

Howdy and gm, Happy Earth Day! I'm not going to ask that the government step in, make you feel guilty for not doing anything, or put us on up a pedestal for what we do. I'm not going to ask or demand that you do anything

22 Apr 24 2 min read