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We told you shittification would happen

Last week I was introduced to a new word - "shittification". I wrote about this years ago, on heyheyrenee. Here's one piece: Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don’t Fire Us?paulie Put simply, shittification means everything is going to shit. It's mind blowing, that

04 Apr 24 25 min read

Late night thoughts on $SOL

$SOL (Solana token) is all the buzz on crypto twitter right now. It's up 110% in the past 2 months. Right now Ethereum's (ETH) two big problems are throughput and high transaction fees. Solana's big pitch is cheap transaction fees. But Ethereum has a

23 Dec 23 1 min read
Think Different

"The platform era is ending"

Love this piece that my friend Jen sent me today. The poster’s guide to the internet of the futureThe best of blogging meets the best of social media.The Verge The problem with dedicating content or time to platforms such as Discord or Twitter is that they're

23 Oct 23 1 min read

A story of how broken the business world is

Circa 2005 the Internet was grinding towards collapse. My friend Jen Wallace, co-founder of a small Colorado engineering firm, came up with a solution called Copernicus2. She patented it. Jen contacted Vint Cerf at Google to talk about it. Then Google stole their design. Here's the story. It’

29 Aug 23 1 min read

Microsoft getting their mojo back

I wrote this March 2012, back wen it wasn't popular to side with Microsoft. Today, Microsoft dominates the server space and gaming. Their cloud platform is outstanding. Blazor is the primo framework to use for building interactive client-side web UI apps. C# developers are everywhere. They're

11 Sep 22 1 min read

Nest thermostats

From March 2012 on heyheyrenee. We were on the waiting list for the 1st Nest thermostats. I knew they were going to make a dent, they did. #### The guys who designed the iPod designed a thermostat. That's right, a thermostat. We have 5, they're the best.

11 Sep 22 1 min read

Remembering the Sneakernet

Jeff and I were talking this morning about transferring data. Then he said, "kinda like the Sneakernet". The Sneakernet is how we transferred data before we had the Internet. It went like this: Put a floppy disk (floppy) into the source computer's floppy drive, execute the

02 Aug 22 1 min read
Field Notes

To the crazy ones.

This was on heyheyrenee. It belongs here too. Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can

02 Jul 21 1 min read

Apple Media Center

This is the first post I wrote in March 2012 covering what I needed to do to get my music and media to go from my devices to my stereo or tv. Now you just click Airplay. So I've managed to put together a media center that'

12 Mar 12 1 min read

Another boom is on the way

This post was first posted on heyheyrenee on 3-1-2012 ##### dialogic - video, voice & data solutions I started in tech in 1990, doing computer telephony apps. See this link... In my first business plan I wrote, "The center of commerce and communications will not be the PC -- it&

01 Mar 12 1 min read