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It's not the end - it's the beginning

Wonderful weekend at Abasin. I skied Friday and today. Today was closing day, all ski areas are in Colorado are now closed. Yes, it's the end of ski season. But it's also the beginning of next year's ski season - hiking, getting my body

16 Jun 24 3 min read

June 1 2020 social distanced pond crossing

gm, My friend Tony Crocker, purveyor of North America's preeminent, most complete, comprehensive and objective guide to snowfall--and both prevailing and expected snow conditions, and Managing Editor of First Tracks Online reminded me of this pond crossing on June 1 2020. That day also reminded me

09 Jun 24 1 min read

epic weekend at Abasin

Howdy, The last two days at Abasin have been epic. I'll be back next weekend for the closing. Here's some pics and vids. Friday June 7 Saturday June 8 Then it was time to head over to Lake Reveal for some pond skiing. OMG. The Lake

08 Jun 24 5 min read

Highlands Signs

This blog post - and possibly more - is dedicated to the signs at Aspen Highlands - "Highlands". The post feature image is my *first picture of a Highlands sign - March 29, 2013 when I spotted South Castle Chute. Here's a higher res pic: I

10 Mar 24 12 min read