"Let the words be yours I'm done with mine"

Dead & CO

Rest In Dead, Bill Walton

I love hoops, loved watching Bill play. I think it was Bill who in the late 70's prompted me to look closely at the Grateful Dead. I figured if he loved them there must be something there. I saw Bill at Dead and Dead & CO shows. I

27 May 24 1 min read

What Matters - Northern Lights in Eagle, CO

Last night I saw the Northern Lights for the first time ever. I started taking pictures at about 10:00. Then as the skies cleared I went to the back of our subdivision, stayed there for over an hour. It was breath taking. When I was out there I called

11 May 24 3 min read
Dead & CO

Friends in the Haight

So grateful to have met and become friends with Linda Kelly, Jimmy Siegel, and John Romualdi. I met them at Dead & CO Shoreline June 13, 022. Linda and Jimmy live in Haight Ashbury. John lives on his boat, in his apartment, and van. Linda Kelly runs Haight Street Voice

19 Apr 24 4 min read

Rest In Guitar, Dickey Betts

Grateful to have seen the Allman Brothers a few times, starting in the late 70's. The band's influence is strong - The Grateful Dead and Phish count the band as helping to shape their music. I loved that Jimmy Carter was such a big fan. I

18 Apr 24 1 min read

How bell bottoms became a thing

So I'm talking to my friend Linda Kelly the other day. Linda publishes Haight Street Voice. Haight Street Voice = “hyper-local with a global perspective.” From Linda's About page: "Haight Street Voice is a 12-page full-color glossy print magazine released 4x/year (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

26 Dec 23 2 min read

U2 at The Sphere

Everything about The Sphere is outstanding. The outside, finishes, lobby, concessions, bathrooms, and ushers. It's all so wonderful. Refik Anadol's moving art is one of the scenes that rotates on the outside along with advertising promoting Sphere shows (the advertising is also very well done). I

21 Oct 23 2 min read


The Israeli citizens were at a music festival. It's all so sad. I see it comin' everywhere I look It's falling down like rain Kill a man over a sentence in a book And collect a reward for his pain It's such a

14 Oct 23 2 min read

Rest In Music, brothers and sisters

Brother @whoarethegratefuldead posted this. It moved me. That this happened at a music festival has shaken me. I feel fear, anger and sadness. Confusion. No doubt about it Hamas are terrorists and brutal thugs who slaughtered innocent people - my peeps. Fear wants me to hold back hugs now, because

12 Oct 23 1 min read
Field Notes

This sign gives me hope - part 1

I saw this sign in front of someone's property on the way home from the Billy Strings Renewal show - more on that to come. Zoom in on the pic above on the left to see the sign on the right. It gives me hope. Because people are

24 Sep 23 1 min read

Rest In Paradise, Jimmy

I remember going to see Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band at Red Rocks just after Son Of A Son Of A Sailor came out, circa '79. Back then, Denver was a dusty old cowtown. It felt like a small town. Hell the total population of CO couldn&

02 Sep 23 2 min read
Field Notes

Brainwashed by Western media

I hope everyone will read this recent interview Roger Waters did. Berliner Zeitung interview - Roger WatersBERLINER ZEITUNG 4th FEBRUARY 2023 THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE Against the backdrop of the outrageous and despicable smear campaign by the ISRAELI […]Roger Watersadmin So many aren't looking deeper into

07 Feb 23 1 min read

Ron English's Rabbbits playlist

I think, The Rabbbits are a rock opera. I know for sure they're part of Ron English's Delusionville. I dig the music - great lyrics and beat. Here's a playlist, lmk what you think. tty next time,

14 Dec 22 1 min read

My Life as a Rolling Stone

Just watched the first episode featuring Mick. It was fabulous. I've been on every Rolling Stones tour since Some Girls. We were just in London for their 60 tour. This is must see tv. What I've always loved about the Stones is how they were anti-establishment,

07 Aug 22 1 min read

Black is better

Today is National Vinyl Record Day Go buy some vinyl today at your favorite local record store Get in the groove And Your Bird Can Sing from Yesterday And Today - The Beatles

12 Aug 21 1 min read

Suzy Greenberg

This is for digitalartchick []. Self-described NFT influencer. Suzy Greenberg - Phish Suzy's 'bout as faithful as a slot machine Pays off once in a while, then she robs you clean She's always afraid that she's

08 Aug 21 1 min read

Prince Caspian

This song reminds me of what's happening in two communities I adore - Blazed Cats [] and BAYC []. I'm so grateful to be part of the whole. Feel like I'm "afloat upon the waves" Prince

03 Aug 21 1 min read

Blazed Cats > Blaze On

I love Blazed Cats []. So I bought some. Super cool and creative NFT project. Read about them []. Fuck Stoner Cats []. So here's Blaze On from Phish. Because now each time I hear Blaze

31 Jul 21 1 min read

Hey Young People - Be Like This Young Woman

At the Phish Tour opener Wednesday night in Rogers AR Tommy [] and I sat next to this young woman. I'm always wanting to talk to younger people, see where they're at. So I said howdy. She lives in

31 Jul 21 1 min read


Phish's tour opener is Wednesday night. I'll be there with my buddy Tommy P., who turned me on years ago. Here's Harpua/After Midnight, from the epic encore at Dick's in 015 (Harpua is a bulldog) https://bit.

26 Jul 21 1 min read

Currency is an important moment in NFT

The Hirst Currency [] drop is an important moment for NFT. I'm grateful to have one. Read all about the drop here: Hirst brings us face to face with art and money. In Hirst's view, art is the

25 Jul 21 3 min read


Attention Citizens: To prepare for the TARS launch listen to 2001 from Phish

25 Jul 21 1 min read

Martian Monster

Attention Citizens: In honor of the historic TARS launch, here's Phish's Martian Monster. Your trip is short.

24 Jul 21 1 min read

Music to mint by

Chalk Dust Torture Phish Dick's 9-4-2016 Turn it phucking up But who can unlearn all the facts that I've learned As I sat in their chairs and my synapses burned And the torture of chalk dust collects on my tongue Thoughts follow

10 Jul 21 1 min read

Morning Dew

I'm a Deadhead. The real kind. Never thought I'd have to say that, because before these NFT clowns [] came along, most knew there was only kind of Deadhead - Grateful Dead fans. But here we are. Seems some think it's

08 Jul 21 1 min read

The Metaverse Can Wait

The Western United States is on fire and the hottest months still ahead. Here in the mountains of CO it hasn't rained in 2 years. Snowpack is down 40% over the past 60 years. We're one lightening strike from our homes burning to the ground. The

06 Jul 21 2 min read

Standing On The Moon

Been listening to Spring 1990. I think the Grateful Dead were at the peak of their powers. Not to stay the other years weren't great too. But Spring 1990 just does it for me in so many ways Give this one a listen - Standing On The Moon

01 Jul 21 1 min read

Bob Dylan covered by the Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead covered a few of Bob Dylan's songs. Here's two I love: Queen Jane Approximately - Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Give 'em a listen. peace and love,

28 Jun 21 1 min read

When I Paint My Masterpiece

the $$ amount of influence tied to Twitter personas who won’t say their names is mind blowing. These faceless and nameless souls squawk to their followers about what to buy, but then won’t put their names on the line? And people listen to them??

27 Jun 21 1 min read

Tommy Bolin playlist

I told Twitter to remind myself to listen to Tommy Bolin [] today I stood next to Tommy a few times in Denver back in the day. I made it out of drugs and booze. Tommy didn't. I miss him. From Dreamer

11 Jun 21 1 min read

Candi Staton

If you haven't already, buy these four records from Candi Staton [] Here's Heart on a String from her record I'm Just a Prisoner If the YouTube link is broken listen to here:

06 Jun 21 2 min read

Yacht Rock!

This is an older post from heyheyrenee []. It needs to live here too. #### A while back I was listening to The World Cafe on the way down to Denver. It was then that I learned about Yacht Rock []. Here's the

25 May 21 3 min read

Live Music Again

Scored tickets to both nights of Bob Weir & Wolf Bros at Ford Amphitheater in Vail, June 11 & 12. Oh man. So happy to be going to see live music again.

25 May 21 2 min read

The Music Never Stopped

When I saw this today I couldn’t read the whole story, because it’s the WSJ. So I signed up for the WSJ, copied the article and posted it. Because Deadheads need to see this. Because that’s what Deadheads do.

05 May 21 6 min read

In Amazing Grace, the Force is with Aretha

I watched Amazing Grace. For 2 nights in 1972 @ the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles, the magic was happening. Because Aretha was there. Wiki: American singer-songwriter Aretha Franklin records her gospel album Amazing Grace [] live at the New Temple Missionary Baptist

26 Nov 20 1 min read