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We told you shittification would happen

Last week I was introduced to a new word - "shittification". I wrote about this years ago, on heyheyrenee. Here's one piece: Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don’t Fire Us?paulie Put simply, shittification means everything is going to shit. It's mind blowing, that

04 Apr 24 25 min read
Free Palestine

Gaza Conflict Q&A

I'm a proud member of Ceasefire Now Roaring Fork Valley. The group and I have put together this document to help people better understand the Gaza Conflict. Two state solution? There’s a mound of evidence to support that the Israeli government has never wanted a two state

27 Feb 24 15 min read
Think Different

Happy New Year - now join the Fediverse

Great piece in Rolling Stone, please read it a couple times and follow the links: The Internet Is About to Get Weird AgainThe internet seems ripe for change, and millions of people seem poised to connect in new ways, as they reconsider their relationship to technology.Rolling StoneAnil Dash And

31 Dec 23 2 min read

Is this another 60's?

gm, The post preview picture is from Yemen today. There's so much unrest in the world. Millions are calling out Israel's illegal war. UN Special Rapporteur: Israel can’t claim ‘right of self-defence’Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur, has said that Israel cannot claim the right

18 Nov 23 3 min read
Field Notes

Being a great small business

Today I was in Glenwood Springs seeing my friends Tommy and Tina Divel at Grande Optics. Tommy and I were talking about what makes a great small business and why great small businesses are what the world needs. I was telling Tommy how I've never in all my

26 Oct 23 4 min read

Notes from the HIPEVAN

Went to see Oppenheimer yesterday with our son Justin at the IMAX. BTW. Did Jobs get "i" from IMAX? The movie is a must see. Anyway, on the way back Justin blew my mind. He turned me on. In his words and his way he showed me that

27 Jul 23 3 min read

Twitter is cryptos death knell

Howdy, Before I go on, I'm in no way pronouncing doom for crypto. But there's so many problems. People have got to see them and make changes. First, read this: From the report: "Although bitcoin was designed to rely on

11 Dec 22 3 min read

Almost no one is talking about the problem

Here's a post I wrote in 2020. I'm posting again here, in it's entirety. #### The beginning of the end was early on in dotcom, when newspapers sucked up to the search and ad engines. Newspapers should have put up paywalls. But instead they listened

16 Sep 22 2 min read

The high costs of free

This week's Medium post from young brother Insight [] points out some glaring contradictions of the crypto world. Namely, IMO, that on balance the community doesn't practice what it preaches re: decentralization. NFTs: on identity and platformsNFTs are taking the digital world by

16 Jan 22 4 min read

The Metaverse Can Wait

The Western United States is on fire and the hottest months still ahead. Here in the mountains of CO it hasn't rained in 2 years. Snowpack is down 40% over the past 60 years. We're one lightening strike from our homes burning to the ground. The

06 Jul 21 2 min read
Field Notes

Very few are talking about what’s ailing us

The beginning of the end was early on in dotcom, when newspapers sucked up to the search and ad engines. Newspapers should have put up paywalls. But instead they listened to the mob, who told them, “paying for stuff is out. Now you give away what you have and sell

24 May 21 2 min read