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MAGA world view

When the MAGA crowd bemoans being politically correct, it’s a dog whistle for getting rid of decency. They want to say anything they want - anytime, anywhere. They hate socialism. What they view as paying for what they don’t believe in, or what they think they don’t

17 Jul 22 1 min read

They Declared War - We Made Cute Signs, Tweeted

This piece in Washington Post Magazine [] is a must read for anyone on the left. It clearly lays out that the religious right has declared war. If you're having trouble opening it or the paywall is blocking you click

28 Oct 21 2 min read

Right Wing Zeroing in on School Board Elections

Family Research Council Raises Money for Right-Wing School Board Takeover Campaign | Right Wing WatchFamily Research Council President Tony Perkins is raising money to promote right-wing takeovers of local school boards, which he claims is necessary toRight Wing Watch [] Today two flyers were left on

01 Oct 21 3 min read

The Case for Blue-State Secession

The Case for Blue-State SecessionIt’s the only way to ensure democracy and equal justice, not just for blue-state residents but for citizens in all 50 states.The NationNathan Newman [] I'm convinced the differences between the left and right are irreconcilable.

01 Oct 21 1 min read

Why Trump gets reelected

I wrote this in August of 2020, on my blog Trump didn’t win. But it took a pandemic to beat him. To do this day, his supporters don’t believe he lost. Boebert won. I was exactly right about her and then some. Now she’s a

24 May 21 4 min read