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Rest In Dead, Bill Walton

I love hoops, loved watching Bill play. I think it was Bill who in the late 70's prompted me to look closely at the Grateful Dead. I figured if he loved them there must be something there. I saw Bill at Dead and Dead & CO shows. I

27 May 24 1 min read
Dead & CO

Friends in the Haight

So grateful to have met and become friends with Linda Kelly, Jimmy Siegel, and John Romualdi. I met them at Dead & CO Shoreline June 13, 022. Linda and Jimmy live in Haight Ashbury. John lives on his boat, in his apartment, and van. Linda Kelly runs Haight Street Voice

19 Apr 24 4 min read

The Music Never Stopped

When I saw this today I couldn’t read the whole story, because it’s the WSJ. So I signed up for the WSJ, copied the article and posted it. Because Deadheads need to see this. Because that’s what Deadheads do.

05 May 21 6 min read