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Dead & CO

Friends in the Haight

So grateful to have met and become friends with Linda Kelly, Jimmy Siegel, and John Romualdi. I met them at Dead & CO Shoreline June 13, 022. Linda and Jimmy live in Haight Ashbury. John lives on his boat, in his apartment, and van. Linda Kelly runs Haight Street Voice

19 Apr 24 4 min read

Rest In Guitar, Dickey Betts

Grateful to have seen the Allman Brothers a few times, starting in the late 70's. The band's influence is strong - The Grateful Dead and Phish count the band as helping to shape their music. I loved that Jimmy Carter was such a big fan. I

18 Apr 24 1 min read
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Nyad is an incredible story of body and mind

gm! Watched Nyad last night on Netflix. At 63, after 4 failed attempts starting when she was 28, Diana Nyad achieved her life long goal of swimming from Cuba to Key West FL. 100 mile swim. Non stop. As a former hack swimmer, I followed Diana Nyad's story

05 Nov 23 1 min read
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Dad. The Nuggets are NBA Champions!

Hey Dad, Last night the Nuggets won the NBA Championship! No, I'm not kidding. They did it! They beat the Miami Heat to win a ring! Remember when we used to go watch the Rockets in the old Auditorium Arena? All the great players we saw? Julius Irving,

13 Jun 23 2 min read
Clean and Sober

16 years of clean and sober today

gm dots, I started using booze and drugs wen I was 15 to escape my childhood. It was horrible in our house. It got so bad I ran away, hitched a ride from the CO mountains to Southern California. I lived in a flop house in Anaheim. I couldn'

16 Apr 23 2 min read
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books of my life

Someone in the Dots chat asked me this today: "Do you have book recommendations for business development, management, and general wealth-of-knowledge? "I've been reading Peter Drucker's Effective Exectutive lately, and I'm looking for more reading material to help me grow and learn

14 Aug 22 2 min read
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notes from the field - "win"?

gm, In The Light Cult Crypto Club discord this morning brother Iguana wrote "I'm in it to win it". This got me thinking. Sort of reminded me of a lousy 80's term - "win-win". I get the sentiment, I'm all

10 Aug 22 1 min read


This was the 2nd post on my first blog, heyheyrenee, from 8.30.2010. After I sold my first company in 2000 I needed something to do. So I built a treehouse. It was great, I spent a lot of time in it, like the week or so when I

08 Aug 22 2 min read
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Recognizing You're There

Pictured here is The Denver Gas & Electric (DGE) building in downtown Denver, aka "the carrier hotel". I started my first company there in 1990. Seymour Fortner [] owned DGE at the time, his family once owned a full block in downtown Denver. Seymour was a

14 Nov 21 1 min read