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Read Nuclear War A Scenario

gm, Just finished this outstanding book by Annie Jacobsen. HOME | Annie JacobsenAmazon Apple Books Barnes & Noble Goodreads IndieBound Amazon Apple Books Barnes & Noble Goodreads IndieBound Amazon Apple Books Barnes & Noble…Annie Jacobsen Everyone must read this book. I read it over a week, but could have read

28 Apr 24 4 min read

Breaking News:Crypto Blames Palestinians For Flour Massacre

3 March 2024: Crypto industry spokesperson Bennie Brainwashed said this, when asked about the Flour Massacre, "This was an efficiency problem. Had the Palestinians used the blockchain and crypto to get their food, everything would have been cool. Because the blockchain and crypto are all about efficiency, peace, and

04 Mar 24 2 min read
Free Palestine

Gaza Conflict Q&A

I'm a proud member of Ceasefire Now Roaring Fork Valley. The group and I have put together this document to help people better understand the Gaza Conflict. Two state solution? There’s a mound of evidence to support that the Israeli government has never wanted a two state

27 Feb 24 15 min read

Is this another 60's?

gm, The post preview picture is from Yemen today. There's so much unrest in the world. Millions are calling out Israel's illegal war. UN Special Rapporteur: Israel can’t claim ‘right of self-defence’Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur, has said that Israel cannot claim the right

18 Nov 23 3 min read

No Bill, it's genocide

Tonight I tuned into Bill Maher. I haven't watched in a couple months, I'd tuned him out. Bill called for an end to saying "genocide". The Law: The Genocide Convention of 1948, born of the Holocaust, defines the crime of genocide in Article 2

29 Oct 23 2 min read


The Israeli citizens were at a music festival. It's all so sad. I see it comin' everywhere I look It's falling down like rain Kill a man over a sentence in a book And collect a reward for his pain It's such a

14 Oct 23 2 min read
Field Notes

Brainwashed by Western media

I hope everyone will read this recent interview Roger Waters did. Berliner Zeitung interview - Roger WatersBERLINER ZEITUNG 4th FEBRUARY 2023 THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE Against the backdrop of the outrageous and despicable smear campaign by the ISRAELI […]Roger Watersadmin So many aren't looking deeper into

07 Feb 23 1 min read

Hey Shepard Fairey - what am I missing here?

Today I was cruising the Obey Discord and saw that Shepard Fairey posted sales data from his Pussy Riot print that I'm highly critical of. In the post Shepard writes that the print "raised more than $10,000 for Ukraine". He doesn't say the

05 Feb 23 2 min read
Climate Catastrophe

About Daniel Berrigan

Daniel Joseph Berrigan SJ [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_of_Jesus] (May 9, 1921 – April 30, 2016) was an American Jesuit [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_of_Jesus] priest, anti-war [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-war_movement] activist, Christian pacifist [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_pacifism], playwright,

18 May 21 1 min read