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Last updated on Jun 17, 2024

Posted on Jun 17, 2024


I first started writing these posts on in 2017, when I noticed people getting the peace sign wrong - using the Mercedes logo. For me, this foretold a bad sign. Today, Cory Doctorow calls it enshittification.

The June 30 2019 was the biggest offender – until today.

Today for some reason I took a closer look at the VW van toy Renee got me when she was in Galveston. Readers of this blog (all 5 of you) know that we have 2003 VW Weekender, European – the HIPEVAN.

Can you tell me what's wrong with the picture on the right?

It's the freaking Mercedes logo! I wonder how many were made? Worse, why hasn't anyone called the gift shop to tell them of the gaffe??

This is now the #1 bad sign. I can't imagine it getting worse than this. But it will.

Posted June 30 2019
Hey liberals. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you can’t even get the fucking peace sign right?

You know it’s bad when liberals don’t know the peace sign.

What bothers me more, is no one told her she got the peace sign wrong. That’s like a friend not saying anything about the chocolate on your face. A friend tells a friend they have chocolate on their face, or, they got the peace sign wrong. That no one told her she got the peace sign wrong, is really bad.

Barack Obama said, “You get the politicians you deserve”. So right on. And we’re surprised that Trump is president?

Fuck me.

Posted May 27 2019
Another homeless guy drew the peace symbol wrong.

Posted April 15, 2019
The homeless guy doesn’t know the peace sign either.
I gave this guy money. I need to find him, get a refund.

Posted November 3, 2018
We had a young couple stay in our Airbnb. Young, gender neutral. They’re already on the margins. If the Party of Trump has their way, they’ll be even more marginalized.

We asked if they were voting on Tuesday. They paused, asked, “Oh. Is this the Presidential election”? We had to explain to them it was the mid-terms. They never did give us a solid yes or no as to if or not they’re voting.

They were bullish about Facebook – “Let’s connect on Facebook”.

They were a nice couple, for sure. But I was shocked at what I viewed, as apathy. Especially, given who they are.

Then they left us this note. They drew the Mercedes logo, not the peace sign.

More people, who don’t know the peace sign. They might not vote. They’re all over Facebook. Bad signs. Really. Bad. Signs.

Posted March 31, 2017
So I got this really great t-shirt from the last Mudcrutch tour.

I just noticed the peace signs – aren’t. It’s the freaking Mercedes logo. Again. This is like a bad dream. So a rock band can’t get the peace sign right? Are things really that bad? Really?

Please. Someone please assure me, that things aren’t what they seem.

Posted March 13, 2017
So I’m in Denver today. I see this sign. WTF. I turned around, went inside. I’m like, “Your sign isn’t the peace sign!f  It’s the freaking Mercedes logo! You gotta change it!”.

They knew they had the peace sign wrong. Then why haven’t they changed their sign?

It’s a really bad sign when the Head Shop has the peace sign wrong.

tty next time,

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