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Last updated on Sep 4, 2022

Posted on Mar 14, 2012

This is one of my first posts I wrote in March 2014 concerning the environment. I've edited the post to note broken links.

It's an important piece, why we stopped using pesticides years ago. One of the big reasons why our planet is crumbling is the widespread use of pesticides.

Beyond Pesticides is a great organization. Check them out online here.

We don't use Pesticides in our yard. I wish everyone didn't. Think about it. What good can there be in pouring poison on the soil? None that I can think of. And it's not that hard to come up with more reasons than this, not to use Pesticides. One, by not using Pesticides you're supporting small business. For example we use Weed Pharm instead, to kill weeds. – broken

Then, check out what Canada is doing to ban pesticides. - broken

And check out what this small town in Canada has done to ban pesticides.

Finally, here's a great movie about pesticides -

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