epic weekend at Abasin


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jun 8, 2024

Posted on Jun 8, 2024


The last two days at Abasin have been epic. I'll be back next weekend for the closing. Here's some pics and vids.

Friday June 7

Saturday June 8

Then it was time to head over to Lake Reveal for some pond skiing. OMG. The Lake Reveal scene was off the hook today. Here's my first trip across but didn't get on video. However. As you can see, I have witnesses!

For my 2nd trip across, some a nice young lady I met on the chairlift offered to film me. She and her crew were awesome. I'm 3rd.

Like I say, Lake Reveal was going off today. There was even a DJ.

Such a good vibe at Lake Reveal today.

What a great two days of June skiing. Abasin is like no other. There's a reason why it's called the Legend - because it's legendary. I love the Basin, been skiing there since I was in grade school. So many trips. Looking forward to heading back next weekend for closing weekend.

tty next time,

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