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Last updated on Feb 17, 2024

Posted on Feb 17, 2024


One thing I dig about Farcaster is how easy it is to mint NFTs. This is because of their implementation of frames. Frames aren't new, the first web pages relied on frames. But what Farcaster is doing with frames, is new – in so far as crypto goes.

Like when I get on Farcaster and I see art I like, I mint it. It's really easy to do so. Minting an NFT is fast and cheap. The gas is practically $0. And it all happens without having to leave the Farcaster app. So that's a pretty big step forward.

And NFTs are being minted for other things on Farcaster - such as a proof of record. This is what NFTs are ideal for. I dig it.

From what I can tell the head cheese on Farcaster is some cat named Dan Romero. I looked him up. He's a Duke grad, a blue blood from the right side of the tracks. Hard to believe Dan hires anyone but his kind. He's a VC, rollin' in dough. I'm skeptical of him. Not because he's loaded. Because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Right now everyone seems to be licking his boots, I don't like that. Idolatry is so not what tech is about. Back in the day we called it software religion. Can I get booted off of Farcaster for being critical of Dan the man? That I even have to wonder about this bothers me.

It also bothers me that Farcaster is funded by VC's. So that means that Farcaster has to be sold, so the VC's can make bank. Then what? We all go back to being Elon's bitches?

I suppose Farcaster could instead pay the VC's back through a coin? That'd be much better. Only time will tell.

All in all I do like Farcaster. Is it better than Twitter? Yes. But Twitter sucks.

For NFTs Farcaster is better, faster, and cheaper. So far there's reasons to believe Farcaster could be the springboard for another wave of crypto users. Or should I say, I think what happens on Farcaster could be what brings in the next wave. Because there needs to be something on Farcaster, that makes people want to use NFTs.

I've been on Farcaster enough to feel a vibe. I felt the same thing on crypto Twitter in '020. If you're into crypto, Farcaster is where you wanna be.

But I've seen it all before. On balance tech hasn't lived up to its promise. So far crypto hasn't been a rising tide to lift all boats. It's been a rising tide to lift all yachts.

I'm sleeping with one eye open.

tty next time,

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