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Last updated on Apr 21, 2024

Posted on Apr 19, 2024

So grateful to have met and become friends with Linda Kelly, Jimmy Siegel, and John Romualdi. I met them at Dead & CO Shoreline June 13, 022.

Linda and Jimmy live in Haight Ashbury. John lives on his boat, in his apartment, and van.

Linda Kelly runs Haight Street Voice - I've blogged about her before. She's such a cool head.

Get a subscription to the Haight Street Voice!
Got a Valentine’s Day post from Linda Kelly, Editor-in-chief of the Haight Street Voice. It turned me onto writing this post, which I’ve been meaning to do. Here’s a few pics from Linda’s post today. What a good vibe. So what is the Haight Street Voice? From the HSV website:
How bell bottoms became a thing
So I’m talking to my friend Linda Kelly the other day. Linda publishes Haight Street Voice. Haight Street Voice = “hyper-local with a global perspective.” From Linda’s About page: “Haight Street Voice is a 12-page full-color glossy print magazine released 4x/year (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) whilst pollinating other social platforms

Jimmy is Haight Ashubury OG. Read about him in these two links.

Vintage Shop That Helped Save SF’s Counterculture Is Closing
Distractions, a decades-old store on Haight Street, will shutter this month.
The Westerfeld House: San Francisco’s most storied Victorian
The story of how Jim Siegel bought the landmark Victorian is a long, strange trip.

Jimmy invited me to stay in the castle. I can't wait to go back.

Watch this video I took of Jimmy, John and I up in the tower of the castle. Jimmy talks about history that he made and was part of.

Here's a few pics of the interior. The place is massive. These are a few that caught my eye.

There's so much history in the castle. The Grateful Dead played there. So did Janis Joplin. These are all originals.

The Manson family stayed in the castle too. Here's a pic of Bobby Beausoleil and the ceiling in the tower that the cultists did. Jimmy believed the castle had bad vibes, so he had exorcists come and do their thing. But he left the ceiling in tact, for historical purposes.

John is a righteous person. He's written a book about being a Deadhead. He's got a law degree. But instead of practicing law he became an actor. Then a painter and a photographer - or maybe the other way around. He lives in his boat, his apartment, and van.

John Romualdi’s book about Grateful Dead

John will be in Vegas for the Dead & CO run at The Sphere. He'll be selling his book and giving a percentage of sales to Field Team 6. If you're in Vegas for the shows make sure to look him up. Or check out is IG:

Family, irl friends, dogs. And music. 'bout all I need.

tty next time,

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