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Last updated on Apr 23, 2024

Posted on Apr 23, 2024


Here's how Renee and I start the day.

Exercise - 40ish minutes to 1 hour, depending on how I feel.
Here's today's:
45 minutes

Band Stretch w/strap - 4 minutes
Open Book - 2 X 1 minute each side
Spine openers - 2 X 1 minute each side

Pike Ups - 2 X 15
Ball Twists - 2 X 15
Dead Bug - 2 X 15

Mountain climbers - 4 X 30 Seconds
Crawl - 4 X 30 Seconds
Leg Extension w/Band - 2 X 10 each leg

Pushups - 15, 10
Plank w/weight - 2 X 7
Curls - 2 X 10

Cool down:
Thoracic Rotation - 1 minute each side
Pull Legs to Chest - 2 X 1 minute

Then fuel.

Looks like a lotta food, right? How could anyone eat this much, especially a nearly 65 year old? No. This is a lie people that have been convinced of. If you eat the right food, whole food plant based, you can eat a lot. Because it's nutrient rich and calorie dense. In fact as I write this, about an hour after I finished eating what you see, I'm starting to get hungry.

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tty next time,

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