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Last updated on Apr 22, 2024

Posted on Apr 22, 2024

Howdy and gm,

Happy Earth Day! I'm not going to ask that the government step in, make you feel guilty for not doing anything, or put us on up a pedestal for what we do. I'm not going to ask or demand that you do anything today or tomorrow for the planet. No. That's bunk.

I'm only going to share two things; 1. a whole food plant based recipe anyone can easily make that's low cost and high value - for your body and the planet; 2. a movie I recommend you watch.

Here's Renee's noodles sauce. It's 100% whole food plant based. Everything in this recipe is pesticide free, grown by small indie farmers. So it's good for the soil. Eating whole food plant based has saved us lotsa money in food and medical bills. We're healthier and happier because of it. If you need help going whole food plant based contact me anytime. Happy to help, gratis.

Eating whole food plant based aligns with conservatism. It's patriotic, God and country first.

Whole Food Plant Based aligns with conservative values
Read this piece yesterday from The Esselstyn Family Foundation covering why going Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) lines up perfectly with conservative values. It’s outta sight. Why isn’t plant-based nutrition being championed by the political right? Political Conservatism and PB Eating

Renee and I plan to watch this film when it comes out. Because it's not about government intervention. It's all about what people can do individually to help themselves, their children, and our country. To help farmers. BTW. Personal responsibility is a core tenet of conservatism.

Cancer is not a given. Cancer happens because of the food we eat and the air we breathe. If we ate food grown close to the earth and we stopped polluting the air with pesticides, we wouldn't have to worry about curing cancer. We could take the billions we're spending curing cancer and invest it in Americans.

"Let's get together, before we got much older".

tty next time,

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