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Last updated on Dec 31, 2023

Posted on Dec 31, 2023

Great piece in Rolling Stone, please read it a couple times and follow the links:

The Internet Is About to Get Weird Again
The internet seems ripe for change, and millions of people seem poised to connect in new ways, as they reconsider their relationship to technology.

And then join Mastodon:

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I haven't posted on Twitter in a couple months. Not posting has been easy. But I was still looking at Twitter. A couple days ago, knowing that Twitter was the gas fueling years of lies by the Israeli government and big media, I finally took action to defund Twitter. I stopped looking at Twitter.

The first day was hard. But the more I got into Mastodon, the less I missed Twitter. Now a couple days later, Twitter seems like so long ago. I don't miss it one bit. I'm never going to look at it again.

Once you get on Mastodon you realize how little Twitter means. I can't explain it. All I can say, is get on Mastodon. Find hashtags and people to follow. Read the news links. Then get that there's no algorithms or advertising, and no one is tracking you. There's no Elon or Zuckerberg.

Think of Mastodon as the "home-cooked, locally-grown, ethically-sourced, code-to-table alternatives to the factory-farmed junk food of the internet". Think of "Twitter and Facebook as the junk food of the Internet". Which would you rather eat?

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