Hey Shepard Fairey - what am I missing here?


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Last updated on Feb 5, 2023

Posted on Feb 5, 2023

Today I was cruising the Obey Discord and saw that Shepard Fairey posted sales data from his Pussy Riot print that I'm highly critical of.

In the post Shepard writes that the print "raised more than $10,000 for Ukraine". He doesn't say the name of the recipient, if or not the recipient was properly vetted.  

But here's what sticks out. Shepard writes "$90. $30 from every poster sold goes to Ukraine". The way I read this the print is $90.00, $30.00 goes to Ukraine.

Looks to me like the big winner here is...not Ukraine. Because if all 450 prints sell that's $40,500.00 (450 X $90). But "Ukraine" (whatever that means) only gets  $13,500 ($450 X 30). Where's the rest of the money going?

There's more. seanbronner, the Obey Admin told me that 99% of comments on Instagram are "garbage" and "None of us read the comments". I take that to mean he thinks social media comments are trash, ostensibly Twitter. And, that they're not interested in what their customers post on social media.

But today they're asking their Discord members to retweet this post on Twitter and add comments to it.

So Instagram comments are "garbage" but Twitter comments aren't? And if none of them read comments why would they ask their customers to post comments?

seanbronner talks from both sides of their mouth.

Why doesn't Shepard post where the rest of the money from the prints is going?

Finally, the page on Obeys site hosting the Pussy Riot print has been conspicuously removed.  

I invite Shepard or anyone from his team to post here about this.

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