Hey Young People - Be Like This Young Woman


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jul 31, 2021

Posted on Jul 31, 2021

At the Phish Tour opener Wednesday night in Rogers AR Tommy and I sat next to this young woman.

I'm always wanting to talk to younger people, see where they're at. So I said howdy.

She lives in Little Rock. When I asked her about the planet, she was more than concerned. So she got a job working for a recycling company.

She explained to me how shocked she was that R's (Trumpers) run unopposed in most AR elections. So she runs for office. She hasn't won yet. But she's trying. She's fighting back.

The 2020 elections saw record voter turnout. Yet still, 50m+ eligible voters didn't vote.

When I said to her, "voting is the one right that makes all other rights possible", she was quick to agree. For this old...er hippie, that was music to my ears.

I'm against everything Trumpers are about. But I'm not going to bitch at them. I boogie'd next to probably a bunch of them at the Phish show.  I'll boogie next to them at more shows.

Instead, I vote - in every neighborhood, town, city, state and federal election. I never miss an opportunity to vote. I do research prior to voting. So does this young woman. She was quick to tell me so.

Trumpers want you to believe your vote doesn't count - it does. Government sucks, it doesn't. Politicians suck, they don't. A bunch of other lies. This young woman doesn't believe any of it, not for a minute. Neither should you.

Here's to hoping more and more young people see it the way this young woman does. If so, there's hope.

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