I'm buying more $BTC


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Feb 24, 2023

Posted on Feb 24, 2023

FWIW. And. I'm crazy. I live in Delusionville.

I started buying Bitcoin at 5k. I bought all the way up to 11k. I sold at the ATH, then on down to mid 20's.

I'm buying again. I'm giong to DCA for the next year. Because crypto is here to stay. If I believe in crypto, I do, then how could I not own Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the mother of all crypto.

Here's Cathie Wood's big ideas white paper.


Say what you want about Cathie, I have. But this woman is a market maker. She's the OG influencer in tech. And she's smart.


I'm not buying because of Cathie. I' buying because I've watched Bitcoin every day since 2.22.20. I believe in the story.


tty next time,

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