NFTs and Persian rugs


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Last updated on Jun 14, 2021

Posted on Jun 14, 2021

Some friends I met on Clubhouse turned me onto NFT artist Ali Sabet - "sabet". Sabet is Iranian-American, who looks to be popular.

This got me wondering about something I wrote in 2016 on heyheyrenee. I worried that Persian rugs were going to be lost, because people seemed to be losing appreciation for quality.

I hope they're still making rugs in Iran.

I've made some mistakes with NFTs. I expected to. I'll be writing more about my NFT experience so far.  

Here's what I wrote, slightly edited for meaning. Reading it again 5+ years later, my overall feelings haven't changed.


Here’s a great piece that has a way bigger meaning


The piece does a great job of pointing out how so many don’t care about quality now, which is true. I see it all the time.

Businesses think all they need is a Facebook page. Why? Because it’s low cost. Or they think they can get by with cheap labor.

Nowadays it seems when a consumer buys something their first ideal is cost. Consumers go into stores then whip out their smartphone (which is really a dumb phone) to see where they can get the good for less cost online. Nothing we buy lasts for more than 6 months.

All we give a fuck about is cheap or free. The collateral damage to this dominant way of thinking is that a few companies end up on top and wages go down. Fewer Persian rugs are being made.

When I mentioned this to my Mom she commented that people don’t care about Mahogany tables either. Because they can get a cheap knock off somewhere.

It’s a really bad sign when people aren’t buying Persian rugs or Mahogany tables. We have some Persian rugs. I’m going to borrow money if  have to, to buy more. Doing so is an investment in the world and my soul.

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