Is this another 60's?


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Last updated on Nov 18, 2023

Posted on Nov 18, 2023


The post preview picture is from Yemen today.

There's so much unrest in the world. Millions are calling out Israel's illegal war.

UN Special Rapporteur: Israel can’t claim ‘right of self-defence’
Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur, has said that Israel cannot claim the right of ‘self-defence’.

Elon keeps stepping in it which is causing Twitter to crack. He's suing Media Matters, blaming them for his substantial loss of ad revenue. Of course this goes against a free press.

Elon Musk Says He’s Suing Media Matters Over Reports That Found X/Twitter Ads Ran Next to Pro-Nazi, White-Pride Posts
Elon Musk plans a “thermonuclear lawsuit” against Media Matters, which found ads on X/Twitter running against pro-Nazi and white nationalist posts.


But then Elon is simultaneously kicking people off Twitter for free speech.

Musk Tries to Clean Up His Antisemitic Remark With New Twitter Rule
The day after endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory, Elon Musk denounces “from the river to the sea” as genocidal anti-Israel rhetoric.

My post here clearly points out the meaning of "river to the sea".

As cracks in the Twitter machine widen, space for a decentralized public square open. It means the platform era is closer to the end. The Fediverse is getting closer to being a thing. We'll no longer be stuck with Twitter.

The right wants to wipe out the separation of church and state.

Mike Johnson has ties to a Christian movement that played a key role in spreading Trump’s Big Lie
One more red flag in the ongoing parade made up almost exclusively of red flags.

Young people are making their voices heard. Democrats jobs are at risk.

Young Activists to Biden: Change Course on Gaza -- or Lose in 2024
Young voters warn President Joe Biden that his support of the Israeli government’s assault on Gaza is jeopardizing his 2024 campaign against Trump.

I've always said the 60's need to happen again. Here's to hoping so. The world needs it to.

Free Palestine!

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