It's not the end - it's the beginning


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jun 16, 2024

Posted on Jun 16, 2024

Wonderful weekend at Abasin. I skied Friday and today. Today was closing day, all ski areas are in Colorado are now closed. Yes, it's the end of ski season. But it's also the beginning of next year's ski season - hiking, getting my body in top form so I can climb to 13,054 next season with Abasin's COO - Alan Henceroth.

Here's pics and videos from today. Note. I didn't have anyone to film my successful Lake Reveal crossing. But I had witnesses!

There's nothing else like Abasin. It truly is The Legend.

Successful Lake Reveal crossing. Next year I'm bringing a videographer with me!

Check out the guy with the Jesus outfit (or was it Moses?) - walk on water. It got warmer, unsuccessful attempts started to pile up.

Carnage on Lake Reveal! Lotsa crashes and swimmers. Riders were losing equipment, having to dive. Oi.

The lifts stopped spinning at 2. The crowd was jumpin', everyone had a great time. I had a great time. I love the Basin. Next season has already begun. What about you?

tty next time,

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