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Last updated on Apr 27, 2024

Posted on Apr 27, 2024


Lately, primarily because of the genocide taking place in Gaza, I've felt that there's no hope with politics. Watching Democrats such as Obama who I once believed in, stand silent while an indigenous population is being exterminated brings me down. I'm a registered Democrat. They're just about as bad as Republicans.

But Jen Perelman gives me hope. Watch this recent YouTube interview, Jen comes on at 18:08 in:

Read about what Jen believes in here:

I love what Jen says at 30:00. It's here she states the salient reason why we can't give up. "You gotta just be chipping away at it...It can be done. You just need to start chipping away at the corporate tentacles that are basically holding people and you can only do that by electing people that don't take corporate money. And then it becomes even people that don't take corporate money, but they're still scared of being primaried by that corporate money. So even though they're not taking it they're still sort of acting in accordance with it so there's a lot of that too. I can't speak for anyone else. I only know how it is for me. I would always be transparent and bring what people want and what they want to see and not just fall in line with the party or fall in line with anybody if it's not in the best interest or what the majority of people want".

Jen isn't going to change the sorry state of politics. But she's a start. So if we want to change our corrupt political system we have to start "chipping away" and elect one Jen. Then when Jen wins, more will follow in her tracks. Then in a few years we'll have more politicians who are there to "transform politics into service", instead of being there to make bank. We'll have politicians who truly represent us, instead of big money donors.

We're in Colorado, we can't vote for Jen. But we're going to do all we can to help her get elected. Because she's the only politician I know of who's saying who she is versus telling voters what they want to hear. In our view Jen is legit, a politician we sorely need.

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