Lil' Lucy sculpture


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Aug 13, 2022

Posted on Aug 13, 2022

My Lil' Lucy sculpture arrived yesterday. She's even better than I thought she'd be.

She came meticulously packaged by my friends over at 1XRun. If you don't know about them, you should. They're a first class operation run by OG's in love with this space. Notifications are on for them.

The artist is B. Robert Moore. I don't know what B is short for.

I put her next to the antique Snoopy from my Mother, and Ron English's Uncle Scam. I think it's fitting she stands next to a dog she never liked and a country that's never accepted her.

Much love to 1XRun and Mr. Moore. I'm grateful.

tty next time,

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