Microsoft getting their mojo back


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Sep 12, 2022

Posted on Sep 11, 2022

I wrote this March 2012, back wen it wasn't popular to side with Microsoft. Today, Microsoft dominates the server space and gaming. Their cloud platform is outstanding. Blazor is the primo framework to use for building interactive client-side web UI apps. C# developers are everywhere. They're a blue chip stock.

What's changed is I'm not near as enamored with Bill Gates. But I still think he's one of the great entrepreneurs of all-time.

I've used Microsoft products since…DOS 3.0. I think they're a great company and I think Bill Gates is a wonderful man. I think he made Steve Jobs (god bless his soul) look small. This is not to take away from Jobs, his accomplishments speak for themselves. But everything I read, Jobs was…not exactly a good person. Gates on the other hand, with the work he's doing at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he's really something. Check out their site.

Anyway, back to Microsoft. I admit, they lost their way in the mid 90's. But XP is the fastest OS I've ever used. Windows 2000 was super stable. 2008 Server is solid. But now, with Windows 8, I think they've nailed it. Here's a link.

Yes, Apple is… Apple. But I wouldn't bet against Microsoft. There's a lot of experience in that company and I think they're going to make another run. Here's to hoping they do.

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