millions are being swept up by the rip current called social media


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Last updated on May 24, 2021

Posted on May 6, 2021

My friend Jonesy sent me this link from The Guardian today:


If you’re not terrified about Facebook, you haven’t been paying attention | Carole Cadwalladr
Facebook and America are now indivisible, says the Observer writer who broke the Cambridge Analytica scandal – and the world is the sicker for it

I wrote this to him:

Peace and love, brother.

It’ll get worse before it gets better. But I think we’re a long ways from the bottom, where better starts.

Instead of walking away from Facebook and social media, which is a social disease, the talk is to fix it. It blows my mind that ordinary citizens, users, write about saving Facebook. They might as well be saying to the executioner, “please let me help you kill me”.

When I think about what’s happened and what’s coming, it can be overwhelming. When I look around, it’s depressing. The voices in my head take over. It can be a struggle, just to stay calm. Practicing peace and love is an ongoing battle in my mind.

I still write, do what I can. I won’t give up. But I know I need to focus on keeping my family from drowning.

I keep thinking that people will see what seems so obvious — the rip current. How could they miss it? There’s signs everywhere! It blows my mind that they ignore all the signs and wade into the water. Yet there they go. They post pictures, and encourage others to join them.

Then when they’re drowning, their last post is, “Why me”?

It’s madness, man.

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