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Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

Posted on Apr 18, 2024


I don't have numbers to support the influence that NFTs have had on art. But I know it's real. Because it happened to us. All because of NFTs, we bought art. Which means we're making micro investments in small businesses everywhere.

It's true that most NFT projects to date ranged from flops to scams, have since been abandoned. On balance it's fair to say that the 30k view of NFTs at this point leans towards a passing fad.

However two examples of artists who've ignored the noise and are continuing to reward their collectors are brothers Ron English and Refik Anadol.

Brother Ron has done a great job of staying connected with his NFT collectors. He's got more coming, despite the fact that NFT sales are negligible at this point. I've got to know Ron and his family. They're wonderful people. Ron is a brilliant mind.

Ron English's Light Cult Crypto Club NFT project

Refik continues to bring new and exciting AI related art to the NFT world. He regularly engages with his collectors in his discord. He's a North Star.

Refik Anadol's NYC Machine Hallucinations NFT projectRonBot

Brothers Ron and Refik don't pay attention to the naysayers, or worry about being wrong. They've kept building, because they believe in what they're up to. It's what great artists do.

An honorable mention goes to Heni. Despite barely a trickle of NFT sales, they haven't stopped promoting The Currency, which IMO is one of the most creative NFT projects to date.

The Beautiful Paintings rollout they released last year was a clever use of tech. We love ours.

Heni continues to invest in their Discord. Their monthly reports are outstanding. Great Expectations holders were offered prints to purchase. We took advantage of their offer, bought 2.

Damien Hirst's influence is undeniable. Here's a couple pieces from artists we got turned onto all because of the Currency, who credit Hirst for inspiring them in some way.

Surely others have been turned on as well. Give Hirst and Heni their flowers.

So yes, the first movement in NFTs was beset by scams. Most bought for the money, not the art. But this ignores the story I've told here. Which surely, didn't just happen to us.

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