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Last updated on Nov 19, 2021

Posted on Nov 19, 2021

While cruising crypto tweeter this morning I came across this tweet from Mando

It's good. It'll age well.

I liken NFTs to the dotcom era. Recall that in dotcom Amazon and eBay didn't come along until '94, 5 or so years in. Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple in '97, setting the foundation for Apple's glorious rise. YouTube wasn't launched until 2005.

In other words, it wasn't until years into dotcom that we saw the truly great inventions and changes. The first years of dotcom were marked by hype and ignominous failures. - hello!

I've skied with the best all mountain skiers. Guys - and a couple gals - that could ski anything with aplomb.

The best skiers prepare for the run they're about to ski on the way up the hike or the chairlift. They visualize their line, they see the next 2 turns before making them.  

Now's the time for NFT collectors and creators to get ready for the next wave - which I believe will dwarf what we've seen so far.

But in between they'll be a bottom. Many will pronounce NFTs to be over, the naysayers will be loud as roosters crowing. My advice is to "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain".

Right now for NFTizans I think it's all about preparation for what's ahead. That means being prepared for the bottom and having the knowledge to recognize the next great opportunities.

I believe luck happens to those who put themselves in a place for luck to happen to them.

Seymour Fortner once said to me, "It's not the opportunity - it's recognizing you're there".

Confucius say, "Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure".

Here's to your preparation!

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