October 7 will cost the Democrats The White House and more


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Nov 30, 2023

Posted on Nov 30, 2023

Today in town a young, professional, hip and connected woman noticed my Kufiya. She said to me, "nice scarf". So we had a chat.

October 7 woke her up. Like me, she started doing some research. She's figured it out and so have her friends. Because it's right there for all to see. You don't have to be a professor to get what's happened. All you have to do, is set aside a couple hours and listen to some Jewish people - Katie Halper, Mike Peled, Norman Finkelstein. BTW. Mr. Finkelstein is a modern day MLK. I think he's that important.

This young lady and her friends are pro Palestine. They're against Zionism. They're really pissed that the US spends billions a year - "killing people".

They voted for Obama. They were all-in for Bernie in 016. If they voted for HRC, they were highly suspicious - because of what the DNC did to Bernie. They voted for Biden. Not because they liked Biden -- only because, they hated Trump.

Now they've had it. They believe "all politicians are corrupt". She called Biden "genocide Joe". I guarantee you this young woman and her friends will not vote for Biden. They're either not going to vote, or vote for a 3rd party candidate.

Unless Democrats change their tune in a big way, the short list would be; become a true Labour Party, call out Israel as an apartheid state and impose severe sanctions against Israel, single payer healthcare, legalize weed in all 50 states – we know they're not going to do any of this, they're going to lose the White House - at least.

Somebody better sound the alarm. Because this is happening.

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