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Eagle, CO

Last updated on Jul 17, 2021

Posted on Jul 17, 2021

I wrote this on the Top Dog Beach Club discord today.

Please don't make my t-shirt.

Here in the CO mountains where we live the chaos is here. The western United States is on fire with the driest months still ahead. We’re running out of water.

In Utah, The Great Salt Lake is likely to soon produce gases that kill humans.

Our planet is crumbling people. It's happening. The chaos is here, it just hasn't come to your doorstep yet. Only the people now, can save us from what’s coming. I hope people are up for it.

To those who believe we'll adapt. You're underestimating the horrors humans will have to adapt to.

To those who've given up. There is no point where giving up makes more sense than fighting.

I don’t have the exact answer. But I know what hasn’t worked. Protests didn’t work, I was there. Giving money didn’t work, we gave money. Thinking someone else would solve it didn’t work. Being nice about it hasn't worked.

What’s left?

Voting. Elect politicians who’ll fight for Mother Earth. Vote in every neighborhood, town, city, state, and federal election. Never miss an opportunity to vote. Research every candidate and initiative. It's harder to research school board, county commissioner, sheriff, district attorney candidates and judges. Anyone but a judge should be easily reached by phone. For judges, their rulings are public record. Here in the United States the 2020 elections drew record turnout. Yet still, 50 million eligible voters didn’t vote. Unfortunately, voting doesn’t go over well with the crypto crowd who mainly doesn’t believe in government. They’re wrong. In the United States voting is the one right that makes all other rights possible. It's why  Republicans, who believe in killing the planet, are trying to keep us from voting. Republicans know people have the power. They know Patti Smith is right. They know when voter turnout is good, they lose.

Change what you eat. Adopt a whole food plant based lifestyle. It’s better for you, better for the planet.

Consume less. When Patagonia says “Don’t buy this shirt” they mean it. T-shirts, even if they’re responsibly made, chew up resources. Take fewer flights. Buy an eBike, use it to replace most of your driving. The clothing industry is a giant polluter. Patch your jeans. Buy jeans like these, that don't have to be washed much. Have trade clothes parties with friends. Tidy up.

Take a stand. It might cost you your job. It’ll probably cost you money and friends. You won't be very popular on Twitter. You’ll get silenced in Clubhouse rooms for making people uncomfortable. People will say you're crazy. They'll point out the damage you cause by being alive, accuse you of being a hypocrite. Encourage NFT artists to dedicate works to the climate catastrophe. Form citizen groups.

Sacrifice. We’re all going to have to make sacrifices, most of which will be really uncomfortable.

Dedicate the rest of your life to the children, their children.

Please don’t give up. Please fight. Please think about the children.
Peace and love (which sometimes means fighting for what you believe in),

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