Recognizing You're There


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Nov 14, 2021

Posted on Nov 14, 2021

Pictured here is The Denver Gas & Electric (DGE) building in downtown Denver, aka "the carrier hotel". I started my first company there in 1990.  

Seymour Fortner owned DGE at the time, his family once owned a full block in downtown Denver.

Seymour was a mentor, my eminence grise. I can still hear him telling me, "It's not the opportunity, it's recognizing that you're there".

I sold 10 apes last week.

I paid off our mortgage, our debt, all the debt in my business. Our son's college education is paid for, he'll graduate debt free. And more. We're off the treadmill, it feels great.

A friend who's well respected in this space wrote this to me - "You're one of the very few people I've ever encountered who was able to recognize when they'd won". That was a nice compliment, Seymour would be proud.

I follow old school investment theory. Part of which is, sell on the way up. Or, when you see material, adverse changes in your investments. Same thing with waiting for a certain price. Yesterday is a canceled check, tomorrow never comes. All I have is now.

I wrote on the apes Discord that each ape will be worth $1m. Because the floor will be 100 ETH and ETH will be 10k. I was also once part of the crowd that chanted "diamond hands", "paper hands", and "hodl". No mas. That's all ego.

Since I sold apes floor has gone up 9 ETH. Did I sell too soon? If apes do hit $1m will I regret selling? No, and no. I did what I believed, what was right at the time for my familia.

Apes are wonderful, historic, all that and more. But don't be married to them.

Know when you're there, when you've won. Don't get caught up in group think. Follow sound investment theory, do what's right for you and your familia.

Then don't look back.

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