Refik Anadol Studios (RAS) 4.23.22 AMA summary


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Last updated on Apr 23, 2022

Posted on Apr 23, 2022

AMA Apr. 23
Summary of the topics Refik talked about during the AMA

Museum collaborations
Major museums are celebrating the work Refik created and collectors collected. They’ll all be part of the journey. More info coming. Some of the most important museums in the world.

RAS took over the quality. They're now checking every single print shipping from Los Angeles = better packaging and better quality control.

Synthetic Dreams collection print claim has been amazingly simple, no reported issues.

Burn mechanics
They're making an ETH bridge. This will make it simple for collectors to burn from any platform.

Collectors will initiate the burn mechanic while bridging – making them into moving pieces – without costs or hassle. Bridging is a big challenge, but RAS will make it simple.

Machine Hallucinations New York City (MH NYC) collection will be available for burn soon.  

Aorist collection is the last collection to be completed for burn, as RAS is following the order of the drops.

Eventually all eligible RAS collections will be be connected.

Misa and MH NYC will probably be the fisrt collections available for burn – ETA is June - July.

The first metaverse museum will be in Los Angeles and more in other parts of the world. The Los Angeles opening will be in collaboration with an "architect hero".

RAS team is working on super significant tech connections and is now talking with one of the biggest investors -- Animoca, for Dataland investments. Also talking with Epic Games, Google and more.

LG and Samsung both collaborating for Dataland. Many plans with both of them.
Samsung partnered with Nifty Gateway, RAS team is collaborating with all of them.

Epson will be a partner for the projectors – the immersive quality will be next level.

RAS is working with CAA - Creative Artists Agency. CAA "represents thousands of the world’s leading actors, directors, writers, producers, musical artists, comedians, authors, athletes, coaches, broadcasters, teams, leagues, chefs, designers, fashion talent, consumer brands, and more". CAA will be part of Dataland. Game changer.

40k people are already on the waitlist for Dataland.

The scent of Dataland – chemical scientific research is underway.

If you are an RAS holder of an NFT in Dataland, that artwork will be enough to access the world.

Tech partners are Manifold, Unreal Engine, and Epic Games. More details soon.

RAS is working on bringing the world the scent of their Gaudi building piece.
Gaudi facade is going to the metaverse – there will be a big event in May in Barcelona, Spain.

RAS is in high level discussions with them.

There’s a lot research coming into Meta. RAS are in their research area. They are sharing a lot of  knowledge, they have Meta's attention.

Mysterious Phone Call
Phone call details coming in a couple of weeks. Very important call. USA collectors will be extremely happy.

Importance of holding an artwork
Holding an RAS piece is a very important act of connection with the artwork. The amount of time you are in the journey – why not applying the same logic applied to RAS world. Temporary attention is not something sustainable, not something the RAS team is interested in.

RAS Community
5 community members will get an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for the unveiling of Dataland. These 5 community members were selected through social media and the RAS Discord community.

Metaverse concert
Symphonies – LA orchestra talking about the metaverse. RAS is attracting the world's best performing artists. More info coming.

Physical events
RAS will be in Burning Man. We'll hear much more about RAS and Burning man - probably 1st ever metaverse/Dataland connection at next Burning Man.

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