The best entrepreneurs check their egos at the door


Eagle, CO

Last updated on Sep 17, 2022

Posted on Sep 17, 2022

In my now 33+ years as a tech entrepreneur I've always sought out people smarter than yours truly. Then wen I found them, I stayed out of their way. After all it makes no sense to bring in smart people then not listen to them or stand over them.

It’s hard for entrepreneurs to do this, because their egos get in the way. The best entrepreneurs check their egos at the door.

Now this doesn't mean I gave them carte blanche decision making. But over the years I bet I've only overrode their decisions 10% of the time. The other 90%+ I didn't think twice about it.

Business is about trust. Find people you trust, with proven track records, who know the business. Who're smarter than you are, for what you brought them in to do. Then stay out of their way. They'll respect you for trusting them.

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