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Last updated on Jun 6, 2021

Posted on Jun 5, 2021

When I was coming up if you didn't have a mission statement, something that told the world who you are, what you do, and what you're up to, you didn't have a business. I think that's still true. But I get where we are in crypto right now is about projects. However a project isn't a business.

Bookmark The Defiant Manifesto. It might be the best "who we we are, what we do, what we're gonna do" statement I've ever read. If you're doing a startup, any kind of startup, you need something similar. Without it, you don't have a business.

The Defiant is the definitive information source for the open economy.

Been meaning to write about The Defiant. Here we go.

When I was starting in tech circa '87 there were two rags we all read - InfoWorld then a few years later Wired.

You had to qualify for a subscription to InfoWorld, which I did not. I'd get all the issues from a mentor. I read InfoWorld to keep up on all the latest in hardware and software.

When Wired came along it broke the mold for tech magazines. It was full of color, glossy. Wired was definitely aimed at the right brain crowd. The writing was edgy, fun, full of personality.

Today we have The Defiant. The Defiant bills itself as "The essential content platform about decentralized finance". For me it's all this and more.

The Defiant is run by Camila Russo. I call her "Cami". In another life Cami was a business writer for Bloomberg.

Cami also does a weekly podcast here:

What comes through first is how much Cami cares about her listeners. When Cami interviews her guests she has a way of cutting to the chase. If she misses something she'll go back to it, won't let the guest off the hook until she's clear. Not because she's rough. She does it for us listeners.

When I read The Defiant I hear Cami's voice, feel her concerns. Her personality jumps off the page. It’s comforting. For Cami it's all about her peeps and that's exactly how it should be. She gets we’re counting on her, we trust her to tell us like it is.

Cami's Defiant co-star is Robin Schmidt Robin seems to be in charge of the weekly videos The Defiant does, here's one:

Robin has a unique talent of making me laugh and teaching me, all in one. Robin cares about his viewers the same way Cami does. His videos are brilliant. Most of all, when I watch I sense it's all about me.

He also has great hair. This cat's hair is so good, he bounces out of bed with it mussed perfectly! It's all part of the show. What a great show it is.

Buying a subscription to The Defiant is the best $150 bucks I've spent. Get one. Then lmk if you feel the same. I'm sure you will.

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